What is the name of the movie from the mid 1950s where men froze to death while hunting a white buffalo?

there is a cowboy movie from the 1950s in which two men fight during a snow storm and a white buffalo appears. In the morning one of the men has frozen to death wrapped in buffalo hide. this movie is not the Charles Bronson The White Buffalo. But I do not now it's name

The White Buffalo - 1977

This movie is about Wild Bill Hickcock (Charles Bronson) teaming up with others to hunt a mystical White Buffalo but it was made in 1977 instead of the late '50s. The dim, dirty and realistic settings may have made it seem like an older movie. At any rate, go to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and type in the above named title (or just click on the related link for IMDb's entry for "The White Buffalo" to the right) to determine if it is indeed the on about which you are asking.

Was it "The Last Hunt" ~ see link below .