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The NVA (North Viet Army) were from the north and were not guerrillas, they were regular army. The southerners LIVING in South Vietnam that were communists were called the Viet Cong (VC).


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The North Vietnamese Army was a regular army; just the like the US Army. The South Vietnamese communists living in South Vietnam were called the Viet Cong (VC); they were the guerrillas.

NVN=North Vietnamese Navy NVAF=North Vietnamese Air Force NVA=North Vietnamese Army

For North Vietnam or South Vietnam? The North Vietnamese were known simply as the 'North Vietnamese Army' (NVA) to US forces, but their actual title was Vietnam Peoples' Army, as it common practice in Communist states. The South Vietnamese Army was referred to as the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN).

The most common field leader, known to most people during the war, was General Giap, who had defeated the French in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu, and then laid seige to the US Marine Base at Khe Sanh in 1968. GEN Giap was not a "guerilla leader", but a high ranking general in the North Vietnamese Army.

The official name written on US Army battlefield "After Action Reports" from the Vietnam War (declassified and available from the National Archives in Maryland) concerning the North Vietnamese Regular Army was NVA (North Vietnamese Army). They will state, as one example: "18th NVA Regiment was north of..." and "...NVA rifleman...belonging to the 51st Company, 9th Battalion..." The VC were not regular military forces and were not members of the NVA. They were guerrillas. They had numerical unit designations but had no government of their own...however they took their orders from Hanoi.

Duc ' Giehova is the Vietnamese name for Jehovah.

No, Anna is not a vietnamese name.

South Vietnam was non-communist (before being conquered by the north). So, South Vietnamese communists would have been called infiltrators.

The Vietnamese name, Thao is stretched out in the Vietnamese language. It is pronounced, "T-ow." It is hard to pronounce if you are not naturally accustomed to speaking the Vietnamese language.

The name Linh is actually a Vietnamese and Chinese name but the name Linh is used in Vietnamese most. Linh is also a Chinese name but it is spelled Lin instead of Linh.

Russel is the same in Vietnamese as it is in English.

The Viet Minh were a North Vietnamese communist gurrilla force originally made to secure independance from French rule and later fought against the USA in the Vietnam War. They are often wrongly called the Viet Cong. This is incorrect as the Viet Cong was the name given to the South Vietnamese communist force, and were not a part of the Northern forces.

The Vietnamese royal familys last name is Nguyen.

Vietnamese name their children just like any one else would name their children. The order of the childrens' name in Vietnamese would start off with the last name first, then middle name followed by the first name.

There might not be a translation for that name; refer to a Vietnamese dictionary.

The name given to the dividing line between North and South Vietnam is the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone. This was a result of participation in the first Indochina war.

ARVN=Army Republic of South Vietnam. NVA=North Vietnamese Army.

I don't think "Nim" is Korean or Vietnamese. Now if you meant "Kim" then it could be Korean or Vietnamese.

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NVA regulars. They were draftees and had a chain of command & green fatiques, just like the Americans.

Tra my is just a name in vietnamese. If you had symbols on the name, it might have a meaning but not all names have a meaning. For example, if your name was trà my, the trà means tea but the my part has no meaning that I know of. My vietnamese name doesn't have a meaning. It's simply a name I was given at birth.

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