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it is called leunamme y lavan

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Does North Korea have a nuclear bomb?

The situation is uncertain.

What country has made recent news for attempting to build a nuclear bomb?

In recent months both Iran and North Korea have been identified as potential nuclear threats. North Korea has successfully tested several nuclear devices. Iran is still developing the technology.

Did America send a nuclear bomb to North Korea?

Absolutely not!!

Has North Korea launched a nuclear bomb yet?

no, you will know if they do

What is the date of the nuclear bomb test in North Korea?

october 2008

Who retaliates if North Korea drops a nuclear bomb on South Korea?

united states and other NATO nations

Does the us have a bomb that could destroy all of north Korea?

The U.S. has thousands of nuclear weapons. It could probably turn the entire world, to say nothing of North Korea, into a nuclear wasteland if it felt like it.

What neighbor of china recently joined the Nuclear Bomb Club?

North Korea, this was some years ago.

What is South Korea's Political System?

South Korea's political system is democracy and it is a good country like Japan except for that North Korea is near South Korea and North Korea has nuclear bomb.

Did North Korea explode a nuclear bomb?

yes, several. all low yield underground test devices.

Why is north Korea doing nuclear testing?

It is there main hobby of the country and the Olympic committee is looking into making nuclear bomb dropping an Olympic sport

Who has a nuclear bomb?

at current Russia, Usa, Uk, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and israel (probably)

What country tested the nuclear bomb first?

the USA in 1945

What part of south Korea bomb by north Korea?


What is the likelihood of North Korea using a nuclear bomb?

North Korea does not Long Range missiles. They have to use aircraft to drop one, And it will likely be shot down. But we cannot estimate the the possibilities of NorthKorea to use it.

What countries in the world possess nuclear bomb?

USA, Russia, France, China, UK, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel.

What country is constantly talking about a nuclear assault on the United States of America?

Nuclear threats are a real cause for concern. It seems that North Korea is making some real headway in their nuclear technology and is getting closer to mounting a nuclear bomb to a missile. This is great cause for concern since North Korea is constantly talking about a nuclear assault on the United States.

In what state was the nuclear bomb made?

I think it was Arizona Actually the nuclear bomb called the Manhattan Project was made and tested in New Mexico.

Who put a bomb in Korea and where in Korea?

The president's son of north Korea bombed South Korea.

Which country tested the nuclear bomb recently?

I guess it's Pakistan.

When did North Korea get the atomic bomb?


Did North Korea bomb South Korea?

Yes. North Korea bombed a warship of South Korea's in "self-defense".

Can you list countries who have the nuclear bomb now?

USRussiaUKFranceChinaIndiaPakistanNorth Koreaprobably Israel

When is south Korea going to throw nuclear bomb at America?


What countries have used a nuclear bomb?

The US is the only country that has dropped an atomic weapon (a nuclear bomb). Many other countries, including the US, have tested thousands of nuclear bombs.