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answer most likely the thermostat housing.

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Is there another name for the coolant sensor on a Toyota Previa?

engine coolant temp sensor.

What is the name part number 3439088?

It is a coolant temperature sensor.

How do you find and clean the coolant sensor - dashboard light indicates low coolant which is not true?

The coolant sensor is located on the radiator about 6 inche directly below the radiator cap on the engine side of the radiator. Remove the battery to gain access to the sensor. Release the spring clip holding the sensor and gently twist and pull the sensor out of the radiator. Disconnect the wire harness to remove the sensor from the car. Dirt may not be the problem. The sensor electronics are "potted". The potting may have have cracked allowing coolant to short out the sensor. I recommend replacing with a GM brand sensor rather than the available Standard brand name. Wholesale pricing of both is about the same and the GM part is more reliable.

What type of antifreeze coolant do a Toyota Camry 1998 take?

1998 Toyota Camry takes red antifreeze. some take green and orange, depending on the year. was never given a name, just the color.

What is the name of the sensor located by or behind the harmonic balancer?

crank shaft sensor With the limited information you have provided, I would have to say, that you have found the "Crank" sensor.

What is the name of the sensor that's located on the air cleaner of a 2000 Plymouth neon?

IAT, Air intake temperature sensor.

How many sensors on a 1999 chev s10 truck?

Engine coolant temp sensor, Engine oil pressure sensor, Crank sensor, Cam sensor, Bank 1 O2 sensor, Bank 2 O2 sensor (V-6), Post catalytic converter O2 sensor, EVAP (fuel system) pressure sensor, Fuel level sensor, VSS (Vehicle Speed) sensor, ABS wheel speed sensors, to name a few,

What kind of antifreeze is used in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

A 1999 Toyota Camry does not require a specific antifreeze. Any brand name or non brand name antifreeze can be used in the 1999 Camry.

What was the original name of the Camry Solara before its name was changed?

The Camry Solara was initially called the Camry Coup© from 1994 to 1997 and it was, effectively the third generation of Camry rather than a separate model. from 1999 forward the car was renamed the Camry Solara and eventually just the Toyota Solara.

Where did the Toyota Camry get its name from?

The name means sunrise in Japanese

Would you capitalize Toyota Camry in a sentence?

Yes. Both Toyota and Camry are proper nouns (brand name and model).

What is a good name for a moisture sensor?

Hygrometer is another name for a moisture sensor.

What is the name on the car that holds the coolant?

There's the radiator, and there's also the coolant reservoir.

What does Camry mean?

The name "Camry" comes from a phonetic transcription of the Japanese word kamuri (冠, かんむり), which means "crown".Originally it's my car it become camry

What is the name of the recent car released by Toyota in India?


What is the best thermostat brand name replacement part for the 2000 Toyota Camry four cylinder?

What is the best thermstat brand name replacement part for the 2000 toyota camry four cylinder?

Do you fill a coolant tank on a Mazda Astina with water?

I believe that you fill it with coolant, as the tank's name suggests.

What is the name of Toyota 2011 model car?


What is the engine part name located on front-right-side of 98 Tacoma engine where antifreeze would leak from and looks like plug of somesort with elec line coming out?

Sounds like a block warmer to me. Does it have an electrical plug that you could plug an extension chord into? It sounds like the engine coolant temp sensor to me.

What does the name camery mean?

It is a male name. It is of Scottish origin. It has the same meaning as the name 'Camry'. It means 'crooked nose'.

I want to know the name of sensor located in Left Side of Hood over Driver side wheel mudguard in my caprice 1983?

cruise control

What is the Technical name for the oil used in a transformer?


Why need antifreeze coolant in cars engine?

This is used to keep the motor from overheating and from freezing. Thus the name "antifreeze" and "coolant".

Were to find heating sensor for dawoo laganza?

There is no heating sensor by name in that car, you need to get the correct name and try again.

What is the another name for a sensor?


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