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me =]

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Q: What is the name of the person who don't fear death?
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What if the phobia name for fear of death adders?

Necrophobia is the name for the fear of death adders.

What is the name for a fear of sudden death?

Thanatophobia or Thantophobia-Is the fear of death or dying.Necrophobia- Is the fear of Death or dead things.Seplophobia- Is the fear of Decaying matter.

Phobia name for the fear of death?

Necrophobia Phobia name for the fear of death. It is a common phobia

What is the phobia of death?

the name for the fear of death is called thantophobia .

What phobia is the fear death?

there is no real fear of dying because every human brain is subconsciously programed to fear death! some scientists may come up with a name but it isn't really a fear if every single person in the world has it. the only thing i can think of that might relate to that is the fear of not dying of which name temporarily escapes me. professor H Slade XXX

What is the name for the fear of having your back to a door?


What phobia is the fear of bieng tortured to death?

there isn't a name for it.

What did Helen of Troy fear?

Helen is a ghost name dont be afraid

What is the name of the phobia of airplanes and I do not need the 6 names for fear of flying or future fear of flying as that is not the case for this person just the fear of airplanes as an object?

There isnt one. Being scared of the airplane is just the fear of future flying(Pteromerhanophobia, aerophobia, aviatophobia, aviophobia) or fear of death by a plane.

What is the phobia name for the fear of taxidermy?

Chucktestaphobia. Hahaha, kidding. A fear of anything pertaining to death is called mortophobia.

What is the scientific name for a person that is afraid of chickens?

ornithaphobia is the fear of birds, im not sure if there is a certain name for the fear of chickens.

Is death something you should fear?

Death is something everybody fears, but why do we fear death? It is because of our ignorance, we fear that at death we will lose everything that we own, everything that is known - we will lose all our possessions, our wealth, our name, our fame, our property. We also fear the loss of all our relationships at death. It is because of our ignorance that we think we are the body, mind and ego, we think that death is the end. In reality death is not the end, it is just a bend. Those who realize the truth about death, they do not fear death, they realize that death is a doorway to God, death is liberation from all misery and suffering. Therefore, when there is realization about death, then there is no more fear. Fear of death is replaced by celebration with realization because then we are liberated, and we are united with the Divine.

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