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What is the name of the recently approved medication for canine motion sickness?

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March 22, 2009 5:48PM

It's called CERENIA New Drug for Doggie Carsickness Approved by FDA By Joy in Dog Products, Dogs and Medicine Thanks to All Headline News for this update. FDA Approves First Dog Drug To Prevent Motion Sickness In Dogs Nidhi Sharma - All Headline News Staff Writer Washington D.C. (AHN) - The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first dog drug - Cerenia to prevent and treat vomiting in dogs associated with motion sickness. Most dogs get nauseated while they are traveling in a car, which can lead to vomiting and severe dehydration if left untreated. The new dog drug, which is manufactured by Pfizer, can both be used in tablet and injection form to prevent vomiting associated with motion sickness. According to FDA reports, an injectable form of the drug, known generically as maropitant citrate has also been approved. It can prevent and treat acute vomiting due to chemotherapy, parvovirus, kidney disease, pancreatitis and other causes. Cerenia tablets and injections are available only through a veterinarian. Pet Natural also makes a travel sickness remedy to help with motion sickness. It's all natural and really works.