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It's called CERENIA New Drug for Doggie Carsickness Approved by FDA By Joy in Dog Products, Dogs and Medicine Thanks to All Headline News for this update. FDA Approves First Dog Drug To Prevent Motion Sickness In Dogs Nidhi Sharma - All Headline News Staff Writer Washington D.C. (AHN) - The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first dog drug - Cerenia to prevent and treat vomiting in dogs associated with motion sickness. Most dogs get nauseated while they are traveling in a car, which can lead to vomiting and severe dehydration if left untreated. The new dog drug, which is manufactured by Pfizer, can both be used in tablet and injection form to prevent vomiting associated with motion sickness. According to FDA reports, an injectable form of the drug, known generically as maropitant citrate has also been approved. It can prevent and treat acute vomiting due to chemotherapy, parvovirus, kidney disease, pancreatitis and other causes. Cerenia tablets and injections are available only through a veterinarian. Pet Natural also makes a travel sickness remedy to help with motion sickness. It's all natural and really works.

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Is there a sickness called h3n3 for dogs?

Yes. This is canine influenza.

Can a ferret catch a sickness from a rabbit?

Possibly, depending on the type of sickness - from bacterias or viruses. Ferrets can contract many different illnesses, like human influenza and canine distemper.

Are there any home remedies for canine staff infections?

No. Prescription only medication I'm afraid.

Can you give hydrocodone to a canine of fifty to seventy pounds?

Do not give your dog human medication without checking with a veterinarian!

Do ferrets get canine distemper shots?

Yes, Ferrets need canine distemper shots, only one vaccine is approved for ferrets. Canine distemper is fatal in ferrets (they die a horrible death) and is an airborne disease, being easily transmitted or brought in on your shoes or clothing.

A friend recently told me that asians do not grow pointy canine teeth like caucasians I have truly never thought about it Do asians have canine teeth?

They most certainly do. Your friend is not doing you any favors by spreading weird information.

Is a horse a canine?

No. A horse is not a canine. A canine is a dog.

What is the French word for canine?

Canin, canine are the French adjectives. The tooth canine is 'une canine'.

What is good for canine constipation?

You can buy many products or visit the vet. Visiting the vet will be the best bet, because the can give you a prescription medication for your pet.

When canine develop?

when does canine develop

How do you use canine in a sentence?

"My dog needs special canine medicine." "I have a cavity in my canine tooth."

What types of dogs are in the canine family?

Every dog is a canine......the species itself is in the canine family.

How do you measure worm medication out for a dog?

Any canine worm medication will come with a measuring instrument, either a scoop with lines or a syringe. Based upon your dog's weight you figure out how many scoops or how much to pull into the syringe then administer to your dog. If there isn't a measurement instrument, I would suggest not using that medication on your dog - it may not be what you think it is.

Is a coyote a canine?

Yes, the coyote is in the canine family.

What is a canine and a feline?

a Canine is a dog and a feline is a cat

How can you use canine in sentence?

A member of the canine family.

What is the definition of a canine?

A canine is a thing like a dog.

What is the latin name for canine distemper?

canine distemper

Is a raccoon a canine?

No a raccoon is not a canine. A raccoon is a procyonid.

Is a coyote kind of a canine?

Yes, a coyote is a canine

Can humans take canine diazepam?

you should never take any medication that is not prescribed for you. we all know this yet we all have done it at one time or another. but this specific medication is prescribed for severe anxiety or is used long term to control seizures. make sure you think about little Fido and what he may need this medication for, before you take it.

What does the word canine refer to?

Canine means of dogs. A canine tooth, for example, is the kind of pointy tooth that dogs have.

Canine is to dog as what is to pig?

Canine is to dog as porcine is to pig.

What does a canine tooth do to your food?

The canine tooth grinds the food.

Is a fox canine or feline?

A fox is classified in the canine family.