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What is the name of the repo agent school in Florida?

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Supposedly there are nine recovery agent schools in Fla. See the links to the right.

2005-11-29 04:02:03
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What is the name of the repo school in Florida?

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How do you get a repo license in Florida?

how do i get a a repo license in Florida

Can a repo agent carry a gun in ga?

A repo agent in Georgia has the same rights to carry as any other civilian.

Do you need a repo license to work for a repo company in Florida?


What is another name for the school shark?

whai repo or whai keo

Do you have a right to be at the repo auction in Florida?


In Florida is there a limit on the amount of money that a repo company can charge?

In Florida, the repo company charges the lender with the cost to repo the car. However, the repo company can charge no more than $25 for storage of personals found in the auto.

Can a police officer make a repo agent drop a car?

If the repo agent can demonstrate that he has lawful claim to take the car then the Police Officer cannot prevent him.

Does a repo agent have to notify you if they are going to repossess your car?


What are the Repo business requirements in Florida?

What are the requirements to become a repossesion business in Florida?

How does an active towing and recovery company become a repossession agent?

The active towing company will need REPO insurance and REPO agents. And some REPO clients.

Can a repo man move other cars parked around it the repo car to get it?

No. A repo agent is only permitted to move and enter the vehicle which they have an order for repossession on.

How can you get a job as a repo person?

if i want to be a repo officer how can i become one with out going to school do i have to go to school for that

Can you be a repo man with a felony record in the state of Florida?


Can a repo agent be charged with grand larceny?

Only if they do not have the correct paperwork from the finance company whom has the right to repo the vehicle.

Is it a crime to hide a car that's up for repo in Georgia?

That act in itself isn't a crime. However, if you tell a repo agent you don't know where the car is, then the repo agent will report the car stolen on behalf of the finance company (the rightful owner of the car).

Can a repo comp request a criminal warrant for a car?

The repossession agent is not a law enforcement agent, and has no such authority.

Can a creditor garnish wages in the state of Florida?

Can a bank garnish your wages for a repo in the state of Florida

What are the rules and regulations a repo agent must abide by?

depends on the state your in

Is it legal to carry a firearm during a repossession?

Repossession of what? Who? The repo agent?

Can repo agent bring sheriff to my property if vehicle is not relinquished?

yes they can

Can anyone repo cars in Florida?


In Florida can repo folks come on marked property?

Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you become a repossession agent in Illinois?

sorry to say that ilinoisl has no repo tranning at this time makeing it hard for people like us wanting to get into the buisness but i have found a good way to jump right into picking up cars find a repo company that is already became known in the repo world just give them a simple call showing that you are wanting to be a shadow our a intern for there company some company's may not want to use this this method of helping a fellow repo agent get started in this life as a repo agent just dont go out and start your own repo company without getting some one the job traning but that is my choice even though it is hard if you really want to become a repo agent go for it i know i am