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This site has tons of commercial song info: http://www.songtitle.info/

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How long is the Tomatina festival?

About 1 hour, from the opening shot to the final shot.

What is the so you think you can dance Canada commercial song for April 4th 2009?

Title: Boom Shot Dis Artist: Kully B/Gussy G http://www.imeem.com/maverickxlives/music/cUXZx49U/

What county accidentally shot down commercial plane?

The countRy is Russia(Soviet Union). In 1983 a Russian military jet shot down a Korean Airlines commercial airliner.

When did christo the artist die?

christo died in 2007 from a gun shot

Where was the state farm buffalo commercial filmed?

The commercial was filmed in Hollywood. The buffalo scene was shot about 45 minutes of LA and the office scene was shot in the same studio as Law and Order LA.

What are the release dates for A Shot at Love The Final Round - 2007 TV?

A Shot at Love The Final Round - 2007 TV was released on: USA: 23 December 2007

Was John F. Kennedy an artist?

no he was a president of America and he got shot

What rap artist sings who shot ya?

Biggie Smalls on Big Poppa

Where was the Volvo s60 wrestler tv commercial filmed?

The city where the Volvo S60 Wrestler commercial was shot is Benidorm, Spain.

Who is the commercial actor in McDonald's Kuya commercial?

Their Kuya commercial was shot for use in the Philippines. McDonalds does not give credits for their commercials so at this time the actors name is unknown.

What are the release dates for Final Shot The Hank Gathers Story - 1992 TV?

Final Shot The Hank Gathers Story - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 29 March 1992

What is the song used in the commercial when Warrick gets shot?

= Band Of Horses - The Funeral = That is the song that plays in the teaser when Warrick gets shot

How do you find the cast list of a commercial?

your best shot is searching the commercial on the internet or, if you know someone that works with the company, ask that person

Who was yolanda saldvir?

she shot to death selena perez a famous tejano mexican artist

Where was the Chevy Malibu commercial shot?

On the moon, right next to Neil Armstrong.

How many pages are in Last Shot?

The Last Shot by Sara Hubbard is 232 pages.Last Shot: Mystery at the Final Four is by John Feinstein. It has 258 pages.

What song plays in halo reach commercial?

The song that plays on the commercial where the spartan is shot down with the bomb? If so that song is "Deliver Hope". :)

Which famous artist shot himself?

I herd about it, but I think it was Van Gogh because he was mentally ill.

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