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Ohh Child by the 5 Stairsteps.....about 1970 / 71

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Q: What is the name of the song featured in the cell phone commercial that has the lyrics 'things are going to get brighter'?
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What is the name of the song featured in the Cingular Family Talk commercial with the lyrics 'grab your things I want to take you home'?

Peter Gabrial "Salsberry Hill" Spelling - Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill". I haven't seen or heard the commercial, but I do believe those are lyrics to a TRAFFIC song. The name of the song is 'Get to Me' by Train Peter Gabriel- Solsbury Hill

What commercial uses the lyrics Little things mean a lot?

AXA Insurance

What is the song from the Cingular SLVR commercial that has the lyrics 'you do the strangest things'?

hooverphonic-this strange effect

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I saw it being used for a really neat anti-smoking commercial, but I can't find anything about it anywhere on the internet. Maybe I'm wrong...

What is the song in the new McDonalds Big mac commercial where part of the lyrics are What if your eyes?

Bot'Ox- Blue Steel (car vs. soft things)

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"Terrible Things", by April Smith

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"Living things" is an album, not a song. Hence it does not have lyrics.

What is the name of the song featured in the new Cingular Razor commercial that has a slow beat and is sung by a woman?

If it is the girl coming out of a building and then there are floating things in the air, it is Viva Voce - Keep your head up.

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What is the song being used for the Armstrong Cable Company commercial?

If you're talking about the one that starts out "I like it" I can tell you what it is. It's irritating and probably the worst things I've ever heard. It's distorted, mixed like it was a high school project, and have no idea what the lyrics have to do with the commercial.

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It's a Chrysler 200 Commercial

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What song has lyrics sitting here thinking about me and you and all the little things we use to do?

What song contains lyrics sitting here thinking about me and you and all the little things we use to do

What is the song in the Cingular commercial with the lyrics 'you are going to shake this city tonight'?

I had been searching for this song for a long time and finally came across it, the name of the song is Bom Bom Bom by The Living Things