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Bacardi Song by The Muddle or there is a remix by DJ Sadegh (still called Bacardi Mojito Commercial song) The new one is by Matt and Kim called daylight


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Matt & Kim "Daylight", is the group and song that they are using for the new Bacardi Mojito commercials

His name is Chris. He works at a bar in Palm Beach, and is a DJ

The Bacardi commercial is called "The Party 1957" . Artist: Parov Stelar Song Name: Chambermaid Swing Here is a link to the song on Youtube:

The name of the song in the Honda Odyssey commercial is called "Slow Ride" by Foghat. Hope this helps! :)

I heard it was specifically composed just for the commercial.

Bacardi is a name of a rum. and vodka is a name of potatoes liquar so if barcardi made a vodake then yes, but rum and vodka is different

it sounds like the song in the bar scene in Star Wars. That song is called Mos Isly Cantina... I believe.

Mint julep and the Mojito both have mint leaves in them.

The song in the Telus monkey commercial is called "Do Your Thing" by Basement Jaxx.

Bacardi and Captain Morgan to name two.

If you are referring to the same commercial that I saw, the song is called 'Babysitter' by Morningwood. it is called number 1 by Goldfrapp

previous answer: The bands name is "Air" and the song is "Kelly Watch The Stars." The commercial I heard was playing "Soul Sister" by "Train."

The latest commercial for the 2012 season is Grounds for Divorce by Elbow.

The name of the song is Shut Up and Let Me Go, by The Ting Tings

I've heard once that he was french and that his name was Matias or matieu, something like that

'Cool', by Cool == EDIT BY Trip-Out: If your talking about the Johnny commercial with the Chevy Cobalt SS the name of the song playing is, Hey Mami by Fanny Pack.

The's signature Bat symbolises good health, family unity and fortune. The Bacardi Bat logo features on all labels of every product that has the BACARDI family name.

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