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i have been looking for that song too and i found it on iTunes the artist is Ben Lee the song is known as Catch My Disease or (that's the way i like it) it is from his album "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and was released on April 12, 2005. Hope that helps some...good luck

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What is name of the song on the Dell commercial where the women build a Dell computer?

chunky chunky la la

What ist he song on the dell computer commercial?

The W.A.N.D. by Flaming Lips!

What is the song on the Dell computer commercial about Annie?

Be Brave by Strange Boys.

Was Dell Computer Named after Michael Dell?

Yes of course being that he was the founder.

What is the song on the Dell computer commercial about the flying girl?

"Be Brave" by: the Strange Boys.

What is the name of the commercial song where they are building the computer?

Is it for Dell and used a few months agao?

What is the song called in the computer commercial-it goes something like this im in love take a look at you now?

Not sure which computer commercial -- but Dell has a commercial featuring 2 Hearts by Kylie Minogue.

What is the Mick jagger song in dell red computer commercial?

Mick Jagger - Charmed Life

How big is a Dell computer?

How big is a dell computer?

What company does Michael dell own?

Hence the name Michael Dell. He is famous for being the founder of dell inc (an American multinational computer company).

What is the song played in the 2009 Dell computer commercial that whistles?

its called i love you, ono by stereo total

What is the song on the Dell computer commercial windows 7 with the butterfly?

Suzanna Choffel singing her song "Archer"

What is the song on the Dell computer commercial that goes I want to thank you for all that you have done?

We Were Colors by Kyle Andrews

How did the Dell computer get its name?

The Dell computer company is named after its founder Michael Dell.

What is the song in the new Dell laptop commercial?

The newest Dell commercial uses the song "Lollipop".

What is the song on the newest Dell computer commercial about designing your own cover?

It's "I Love You, Ono" by Stereo Total.

What is the song on the Dell computer commercial about Radical Minds?

It's called "The W.A.N.D" by the flaming lips, I found it on iTunes

Who sings the lollipop song from that dell commercial?

The song in the Dell commercial is a remake of the song Lollipop by The Chordettes

What is Dell?

Dell is a computer company.

What does Dell stand for?

dell is a computer

Who sings the song in the Dell commercial for the new XPS computers where the old computers are being smashed?

Jennifer Terran sings it on the Dell commercial, however Doris Day first sang it. Que Sera Sera

When was the Dell computer invented?

The Dell Computer was invented by Michael Dell throughout the 1980's and the 1990's

What software is compatible with my Dell computer?

Microsoft office is compatible with your dell computer.

Who founded the dell computer?

Michael Dell is the founder of Dell Computers.

Who makes the Dell computer?

Well, dell make dell computers!