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What is the name of the song in the Armani Code Sport commercial?


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It's called Encom Part 1 by Daft Punk. Search it on YouTube.

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its by chris cornell, and its called climbing up the walls

Code for men by Armani was released in 2004. It is a well known product by the famous name in fashion and perfumery, Giorgio Armani. The Armani fashion house was established in 1975. Mr Armani has made a mark in the fashion industry and the brand name is recognized and well-known all over the world as a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Its first perfume was launched in 1981 and since it has hit the perfume industry and given everlasting scents.

Not really because Armani is kind of like Armani Exchange

Armani SongThere are two songs: One is "Scandalous" by MisTeeq, which is heard on the women's perfume of Armani. The second one is a song composed by Nicolas Errera, which is heard on the men's cologne of Armani. The second song was done only for the commercial. Try on youtube - The cinematic orchestra - opening title/ Arrival of the birdsTowards the middle of the song where the Arrival of the birds section starts.

emily didonato is the girl in the advert with the striking blue eyes.

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If you are talking about the Acqua di Gioia commercial, her name is Emily DiDonato, she models for Maybelline, Ralph Lauren and Victoria's Secret too.

"Armed people" is an English equivalent of the Italian name Armani.Specifically, the word is a masculine proper noun. It is the last name of one of Italy's most famous fashion houses, Giorgio Armani S.P.A. The pronunciation will be "ahr-MAH-nee" in Italian.

it depends on your originality

Hommes libres is a French equivalent of the Italian name Armani. The proper name originates in the Lombard term Arimanno for "free men." The pronunciation will be "uhm leeb" in French and "ar-MA-nee" in Italian.

Lady Armani's birth name is Joie Summers.

Star Armani's birth name is Markita Young.

Ronnie Armani's birth name is Aaron Ronnie Almani.

guy is kunal. girl is Medha Nayak dont know his full name though.

DTW is the IATA code, and DET is no longer used for commercial flights

yes her name is Armani but its her stepsister and you can check her out on facebook or twitter

Did you find it? I want it also if you can get it!

Name: Sport Town: Lignata Friend Code:1163-4947-1236 Please also give me your friend code!

The first time, I bought an Armani t-shirt that looked like the ones you frequently see in Emporio Armani boutiques or the A/X Armani Exchange stores. The way she was able to pull it off, was she did not show a photo of the tag inside the collar of the shirt. When I received the shirt, the tag said, "Hecho en Mexico." Translated, it means Made in Mexico. Clearly it was a fake Armani t-shirt. The seller received numerous complaints from other buyers including myself and was suspended. She even gave me negative feedback because I left her negative feedback. The second time I was scammed by a guy who showed a nice photo lay out of an Armani Black Label suit including the labels. The suit was real but what I received was a cheap wool/polyester suit with a real Armani Black Label tag glued where it would normally be in the suit! There are a lot of Armani fakes listed on a daily basis and I wanted to create a guide to help fellow eBayers from getting duped. I will breakdown the various lines for Giorgio Armani:A/X Armani ExchangeArmani JeansMani (Sportswear line)Mani (Suits, dress shirts)Emporio ArmaniGiorgio Armani Neve (very rare)Giorgio Armani Golf (very rare)Armani CollezioniGiorgio Armani (Black Label)Giorgio Armani Classico (Blue Label)Armani Privé

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