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I love the Gorillaz, I'm one of their biggest fans

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What makes an electro acoustic guitar different from a normal acoustic guitar?

An electro acoustic guitar is different from a normal acoustic guitar because it has a magnetic pickup built in. This lets the acoustic guitar make a sound like an electric guitar when you use it.

What is a Arab Lute?

In Arabic it is "Al-'ud" and is very similar to an acoustic guitar.

What is the difference between a acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?

An Electric Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar with the addition of a pickup or transducer that enables plugging it in to an amplifier. Type your answer here...

How do you turn a acoustic guitar into an electric guitar?

To change an acoustic guitar into an Electric guitar, you w

What family is the acoustic guitar in?

The acoustic guitar is in the percussion family.

What is a classical acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar with nylon stings.

What is an acoustic electric guitar?

An acoustic/electric guitar is an acoustic guitar with a pickup or microphone inside the sound hole. You are able to plug the guitar into an acoustic guitar amp allowing you to play louder or with effects, change the sound of the guitar.

Is a Spanish guitar an acoustic guitar?

There is no "Spanish" guitar although a classical guitar is sometimes called a Spanish guitar. A classical guitar has nylon strings but an acoustic guitar has steel strings. There are many differences as well. So that, No, a Spanish or classical guitar is not an acoustic guitar. SongScouting: Sorry. There IS no Spanish guitar - but there WAS a Spanish guitar a few hundred years ago - which would make it acoustic. Also, my acoustic nylon strung "Folk guitar" is also called a "classical guitar". A guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar can be nylon or steel strung.

Do you need to learnspanish guitar before playing electronic guitar?

No. By Spanish guitar, you probably mean acoustic. And no, I started with an electric Epiphone Les Paul, and switched to a 12-string acoustic later on.

Do electric guitar and acoustic guitar have the same chords?

If it is a guitar, it has a neck, it has frets, and it has 6strings, then it has the same chords. Electric and Acoustic guitars are almost exactly similar. The only differnces in Electric and Acoustic are the wood, the sound, and the fact that you have to plug in into an amp if you wanna hear the electric unlike the acoustic where theres a huge soundhole in the middle.

What happens if you fart in an acoustic guitar?

Your acoustic guitar smells of course........

How old is the acoustic guitar?

The acoustic guitar is over 5,000 old ,

How do you use an electric guitar as an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic Simulator pedal...

Do you have to learn guitar before you learn electric guitar?

umm well if u question is ''do you have to learn acoustic guitar before electric then NO it is all the same its just a differt kind if you no what i mean its good to no somthing about playing guitar before you rush in and buy one : ) It is good to have acoustic guitar lessons before you move on to electric guitar. The reason is that the electric guitar sound is amplified, and you do want to be playing the wrong stuff on a electric guitar.

What does the acoustic guitar sound like?

an acoustic guitar sounds hollow unlike the electric guitar

Will a standard acoustic guitar fit in a classical guitar case?

Yes, maybe? I tried mine before(:

Can you convert an acoustic guitar into an electric-acoustic guitar?

Yes, Fishman makes all kinds of pickups that you can use with an acoustic guitar.

What is an acoustic bass?

An acoustic bass, also known as an acoustic bass guitar, is a variety of bass guitar played without electric amplification, generally as accompaniment to an acoustic guitar.

What is the difference between a semi-acoustic guitar and an ordinary acoustic guitar?

A semi-Acoustic, or Electro-acoustic guitar, can be plugged into an amplifier and have FX pedals used with it, an acoustic guitar doesn't work with amp whatsoever, and it can only be played unplugged

What is the difference between an acoustic guitar and a classical guitar?

An acoustic guitar has bronze wound steel strings, a classical guitar has nylon strings. also the classical guitar has a wider neck. A standard acoustic guitar has a slimmer neck. nylon strings are more crisp sounding, steel strings have a twang when played. SongScouting: A classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar. A guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar may be nylon strung or steel strung. A 12 String Guitar is also an acoustic guitar as it is not electric (unless you install pickups). A classical guitar does, indeed, have a wider neck.

What guitar did Niall Horan play?

He plays acoustic guitar, but he could probably play almost any other guitar because they are all very similar

Can you used an electric acoustic guitar as just a normal acoustic guitar?


What kind of string does acoustic guitar have?

Acoustic guitar have steel strings......... from:::Cem

What is the difference between acoustic spanish guitar and acoustic hawaiin guitar?

There is no difference

What are the qualities of an acoustic guitar?

we can play any song through an acoustic guitar :)