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that is a cat faced spider

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A jeweled spider is the most common spiked spider.

A spider that has a lime green back and red spikes is the Florida spider. The scientific name for this organism is gasteracantha cancriformis.

A spider that has a yellow body and red spikes is called a Spinybacked Orbweaver spider. These spiders are commonly found in the state of Florida.

If it is parallel orange lines that are the spikes then it sounds like it is ladybird larvae.

They have black spikes to stab their pray......... like you.

orange with green spikes

The American Dagger moth caterpillar has black spikes coming out of its orange body. It is about four inches long.

A buck moth caterpillar has orange spots on its back, with orange feet and black spikes. The buck moth caterpillar is poisonous, causing rashes and nausea. Buck moth caterpillars inhabit oak forests.

he will fire a ball at you, hit it when it is normal and not covered in spikes. it will hit him.

Most likely a gulf fritillary. Was it eating a passion vine?

Yes, you will need different track shoes and cleats/spikes for different events. The number of spikes, the pattern of spikes and the length of the spikes differs for sprinters, long distance runners and jumpers. If spikes are not used for running the shoes are still different. And throwing shoes do not have spikes and have a smooth sole.

From the description, this sounds like an Arrowshaped Micrathena spider. It's a variety of the orb weaver and is known for its bright colors and spikes.

I believe you are looking at a CECROPIA MOTH caterpillar, or Hyalophora cecropia.

This caterpillar is probably from the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae), also known as the Passion butterfly. The orange stripes warn predators that it is toxic. A crablike spiny orb weaver