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The Sun is the closest star to Earth.

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The sun is the star which is closest to earth.

No, the Moon is closer to the earth

The moon is much closer to the Earth than it is to the Sun.

As star will appear brighter if it is closer to Earth, yes. How bright a star appears depend on how far away it is and the star's actual brightness.

The Sun is the closest star to the Earth

Because it is closer to the earth than any other star.

The moon is far closer to Earth than any star is.

The sun is a star, the closest one to Earth. The next nearest star to Earth is about 265,000 times farther away than the sun is.

That is one factor. The size of the star is the other.

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the sun is the brightest star in the sky because it is closer to earth than any other star

Yes, the planets are millions or billions (depending on the star) of miles closer to the earth than than the stars. The closest star to Earth, however, the Sun, is closer than some of the planets.

The sun is the closest star to earth.

It's the closest star because, It's the biggest star we can see, and the bigger it is the closer it is.

No. The closest neutron star is over 434 light years away.

The sun is considered a star so the sun is the closest star from earth. Our sun is a star, and it is closer than any other star. However, if you mean "apart from the Sun" the answer is "Proxima Centauri".

It isn't. It just looks bigger because it is much closer. The sun is about 260,000 times closer to earth than the next nearest star.

No, it's about the same distance away from both Earth and Pluto. The north star is about 430 light years away, almost a million times the distance between Earth and Pluto. As Earth and Pluto orbit the sun, the trade off which is closer to the north star, but it's nothing compared to the total distance.

No. The sun is the closest star to Earth by several orders of magnitude. It is roughly half a million times closer to us than Sirius.

The star might be closer to the Earth, or it is just brighter than the others. :D

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