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Q: What is the name of the test that Dr performs by tapping bottom of foot to diagnosis appendicitis?
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What does it mean when you belly bottom hurt?

Among the nasty things -- appendicitis.

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they like you or want to annoy you

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What is the test that actually assesses for appendicitis by applying resistant force to a raised right leg?

Raise the right leg and hit the bottom of the foot with firm pressure. If subject experiences great pain-rush to hospital. This is symptomatic of appendicitis and could be at risk of bursting.

If the bottom of your waste hurt what that mean?

It means you should see your Doctor right away, you may have an appendicitis. Which if left untreated can result in death.

What is blind tapping?

Blind tapping is an attachment provision recessed in the retainer, closed at the bottom to prevent air loss. A bolt or shoulder stud may be inserted to attach the air spring to machinery. Posted by HighschoolPsybermew

Does right hip pain indicate appendicitis?

No, it cannot be appendicitis because the appendix is attached to the bottom of the large intestine. It is approximately 4 inches long and could extend to your left side but no where near your right hip. The appendix is also located in the abdominal cavity and the hip is not located there.

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Tapping on the top of a soda can before opening it may help prevent the drink from exploding out of the can when you open it. There are bubbles that stick to the bottom and sides of the can from carbonation. The idea is, if you tap the can before opening it, the tapping will free the bubbles from the can, and they'll float to the top. Then, when you open the can, the bubbles are already floating at the top, rather than pushing through the soda (which causes the explosion).

Why do you have stomach pains on your bottom right side of your stomach?

This happens to me when I run or walk for a bit. It's normal. I found that breathing heavier will help. Or maybe it means you have appendicitis. If your bottom right part in the stomach hurts and you have a fever, go to your doctor and get checked out, or go to the hospital.

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What causes pain in right side?

First of all if you have really bad pain in the bottom right side of your body. You probably have appendicitis and should get to the hospital ASAP! Another cause could be IBS, and you should go to the doctor to get it check out!

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What are signs of appendicitis?

At first the signs can be an all over abdominal pain (most common), loss of appetite, and sometimes nausea and/or vomiting. But as it becomes more and more inflamed the pain becomes more localized to the bottom right of your abdomen, in front of your right hip bone, as this is where the appendix is located.

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