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Q: What is the name of the thing that men were in their tuxedo it is in there chest?
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What is a dressy garment for a man?

a tuxedo (tux) or a suit

What do men wear at a wedding?

tuxedo's of course

A fashionable Country Club at a park in New York gave its name to a dinner jacket or evening dress for men?


What does an 18th century tuxedo look like?

The tuxedo is a 19th century men's wear term. See the related link for more information about the term and the history of the tuxedo.

What are some imoirtant factors to consider when shopping for a men's tuxedo?

Important factors to consider when shopping for a men's tuxedo is that one's cuff links match the tuxedo aswell as the jewelry that the bride has selected for the rest of the wedding party.

Finding Low Cost Tuxedo Rentals?

Tuxedos are the top of the pyramid for men's fashion. Men can simply not dress any fancier than if they choose to wear a tuxedo to a wedding, dance or professional event. However, most tuxedos can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Men typically wear a tuxedo only a few dozen times throughout their entire lives. The lack of use is one of the many reasons why it makes sense to for tuxedo rentals at the lowest possible cost. Most men will be given the name of a store when they need to rent a tuxedo. However, for men that do not like the store they are recommended to or cannot get a tuxedo in the price range that they need, there are a number of other options available. Men can have their tuxedo rentals processed online, rent a tuxedo from a store that has special promotions or rent their tuxedo from a store that is locally owned and operated Many men want their lives to be as easy as possible when renting their tuxedo. When a man rents a tuxedo, keeping it easy can cost him a large amount of money if he is not paying close attention. That is why a man should look at how much he will have to pay if he damages the tuxedo, where he is renting the tuxedo from and other factors. While most men may choose to go to their local tuxedo shop, it may not offer the best price or service. There are a number of large chains that rent tuxedos from their retail outlets. Some of these chains including Men's Warehouse handle the entire rental process just like a local store. However, should you need to rent the tuxedo and return it, you can do so at any location across the United States. You do not have to return to the same outlet you rented it from. Best of all, many of these national companies offer free shipping to your door as well as free return shipping. This makes the entire process quick and easy for users as well as for the companies who own the tuxedo rentals.

How do you spell tuxcedo?

The correct spelling is tuxedo (formal wear, abbreviated tux)

Why are men's suits called a tuxedo?

The fancy evening suits are named for a New York Country Club where they became famous: "Tuxedo Park."

How do i use the word men's in a sentence?

I saw a cool tuxedo at Men's Warehouse. Please use the men's bathroom. The men's room is toward the back of the restaurant.

What was English word used for men's suites?

Tuxedo The name of the dinner jacket comes from the town of the same name, Tuxedo, NY, a rich community on the west bank of the Hudson River 40 miles north of Manhattan, where the Very Wealthy, in the mid-19th century, maintained "cottages" and gave each other lavish parties. One enterprising fellow did the bold thing (c. 1893) of cutting the tails off the formal dinner coat which was de rigueur at the time, and a name and a style was born

What percentage of men have chest hair?

64% of white men do have chest hair, according to a study quoted by Wikipedia.

Does a gay man have to wear a tuxedo to his wedding?

It's entirely the grooms' choice. Straight men do not have to wear tuxedos and neither do gay men.