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The transition metals at the bottom of periodic table are:
They have different chemical properties.Hence, they are placed separately.


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Transition metals are located in group 3-12 of the periodic table. The middle of the periodic table.

The transition metals are located in groups 3 - 12 on the periodic table.

The bottom two rows of Lanthanide & Actinide is the transition metals

The mass of an element increases as you go down the periodic table. The heaviest discovered (synthesized) metals are in the bottom row of the transition metals group.

The three main metals in a periodic table are transition metals, alkali metals, and alakaline earth metals.

The periodic table comprises of metals (on the left) ,non-metals(on the right ) and transition elements (between metals and non-metals) in the periodic table.

All the transition elements are metals. In the usual wide form periodic table, the transition elements are in columns 3 - 12 and in two rows at the bottom of the main table. Those in the rows at the bottom are also called "inner transition elements".

The transition elements comprises of group-3 to 12. They are present between metals and non metals. They contain most of the elements in periodic table.

There are many groups in the periodic table that only contain metals. There are the Alkali metals, the Alkaline earth metals, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, Transition metals, and the Post-transition metals.

In the center of the periodic table "transition metal" as any element in the d-block of the periodic table, which includes groups 3 to 12 on the periodic table.

Metals comprise the majority of the periodic table. The leftmost column is the alkali metals, the column to the right of that is the alkaline earth metals. The thin middle area contains the transition metals. The two long rows sticking out at the bottom are the lanthanides (rare earth metals) and actinides. The transition metals, which contain such elements as manganese, cobalt, and iron, are the largest group of metals on the periodic table.

The transition metals are found toward the middle of the periodic table.

The 38 elements in groups 3 through 12 of the periodic table are the transition metals.

Heavy metals are typically found in the middle of the periodic table. These heavy metals are often also transition metals.

The metals in groups 3-12 are the transition metals on the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.

go on google images, look up a periodic table. all the ones in the middle section and the two rows that are disconnected at the bottom are transition metals. copy the symbols from the periodic table

Poor metals, non metals and transition metals

There is Alkali Earth metals, and Transition Metals.

Metals are located in the left hand side of the periodic table, non metals are located on the right and metalloids are located in between as a 'bridge'.

Metals and non metals are separated by transition elements in periodic table. The transition elements occupy groups 3-12.

it means they are metals that cant be melted

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