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The U.S. civil war was the war between the northern states and the southern states of the United States of America.

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Central America got its name because it's between North America and South America

North America is south, And East of North America is Europe.

There was never a war between the South and the West in the US. There was a war between the North and the South and between Mexico and America.

Mexico is not the boundary. It is a country.. ..............

North America, as the name suggests is North of the equator.

The Panama Canal separates North America and South America

South. Hence the name, South America.

North and South America are the political continents of America (a geographical continent, which is just North and South America together). The name America is derived from the Italian explorer of Amerigo Vespucci.

Richer North = Europe and Australasia and North America. Poorer South = Africa, Asia, South America

North America and South America

the name of the canal that departs north and south America is the Equater. the Equater is very hot because it is in the middle of the world and fartest from both the north and south pole.

The words north and south, in North America and South America, are capitalized because they form part of a proper noun, the name of the continent. When referring to "the east half of North America," for example, the word east is not capitalized. The proper noun is North America and east just describes a part of North America.

The strip of land that once connected North America and South America is called middle America

Central America separates North and South America. Very funny. If you are referring to the narrowest part of the land connecting North and South America, it is called the Isthmus of Panama.

Someone from South America would come from the continent South America. There are two continents by the name America, north America and south America.

The atlantic Ocean separates Africa from north and south America

The three continents that are located mainly between the Equator and the North Pole are North America, Europe, and Asia. South America and Africa have some land north of the Equator as well but also have significant amounts of land south of the Equator.

# Europe # North America # South America.

North America and South America

The ocean between North America and Asia is the PacificOcean.

The Drake Passage lies between Antarctica and South America.

if you are in the USA the country directly south of you is Mexico (North America is the continent) If you are in Canada the country directly south of you is the USA

Central America,not being a confident itself, finds itself in two continents. The official boundary between North and South America is the center of the waterway that fitness the Panama Canal. So all countries on the continental land mass in Central America, except for Panama, are entirely in North America.

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