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What is the name of tin tins dog?

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Who was tin tins dog?


What breed was tin tins dog?

A White Fox Terrier!

What was tin tins dogs name?


What is the name for a collector of tins?

tin collector

What is tin tins dog called in the wizard of oz?

its the CUTE little toto:)

What is tin tins name in french?

Proper names, such as Tin-tin, do not change from one language to another.

What is tins scientific name?

Tin is a chemical element with the symbol Sn. The Latin name of Tin is Stannum

What is the plural of tin?

The plural of tin is tins.

Why is tins symbol SN?

Because the latin name for Tin was Stannum.

If there is one tin of blue for every four tins of red What is the ratio of red tins to blue?

4 Red Tins For Every 1 Blue Tin

What is the dog name in tin tin?


What is the flammability of tin?

what is tins flammability

What is the name of the tin tin dog?

I believe you are thinking of Rin Tin Tin.

What is a tin opener used for?

For opening tins

How many tins should a dog eat a day?

dogs should eat about 2 tin cans of food each day

Who are Tin tins sidekicks?

Rin Tin Tin I presume you mean. He technically had no sidekicks, he simply worked to save others.

What are biscuit tins made from?

I think tin is a type of metal.

What is tin tin's dog name?


Is the name of tin tin's dog?


How much does a full dulux jelly bean tin weigh?

3.8kg - now however they don't do full tins - they do 1kg bags with a dog "Jelly Beans and Me"

What is the name of the Belgian cartoon dog who solves crimes?

Tin Tin or Tintin and Snowy

What is tins electronic configuration?

The electronic configuration of tin is: [Kr]D10.5s2.5p2.

Tin of baked beans the weight?

what is the weight of one tin of bake beans if the weight of 24 tins is 10.176kg

Is tin tin the man or the dog?

dog= toto tin man= tin man

Who found tin?

Tins use began about 3,000 years ago so the name of the person who first used and discovered it is lost to history.