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What is the name of young pig?


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The name of a young pig is a Piglet.


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a young or new-born pig is called a piglet.

A young weaned pig is a shoat. A young weaned pig is a shoat.

== == A young hog is called a pig, shoat or barrow. Another name for a hog is pig, and a young pig is a piglet. A barrow is a castrated male pig of any age A shoat is a young pig that has just stopped taking milk from its sow

A young elephant is a calf, and a young pig is a piglet.

the name of a young guinea pig is a sow if not then goggle it lol j/k (just kidding) ....................................................... (:

A Piglet The precise definition of "pig" is a young swine.

A female pig that has never been bred is a maiden gilt. A female pig that has been bred but has not yet farrowed is a gilt. Once she farrows, she is a sow.

no, g pig moms don't eat there young

A pig bears live young and suckles their young.

Like the Disney cartoon character, pig young are commonly called "piglets".

a young pig is called a piglet and a young monkey called is called an infant ..... GOOD LCK :)

No, pork is the meat of a pig, veal is the meat of a young cow (or young bull).

A young male pig that has not reached sexual maturity is a shoat.

A pig is a young swine of either sex.

Snow flake so you can remember which season you got him in , no that's a name, not THE name, you call them pups, and name them anything.

There are three listed names for a baby pig. They are piglet, farrow, and shoat. The name for a baby penguin is chick and a baby panda is a cub.

The young one of a pig is normally referred to as a piglet. Pigs are domestic animals and are used as food.

A gilding pig is a young female pig. Once a female pig reaches adulthood, they are then referred to as a "sow."

the young pig is called "porcelet"

You may mean a shoat pig which is a young pig after being weaned

Yes. Piglet means baby pig. The Winnie the Pooh character is a young pig.

a pig. when a pig has a baby it is called a piglet

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