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Q: What is the name ofwaterfall formed by river ganga?
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What is the name of the delta formed by the river ganga and brahmputra?

Sundarban delta

Is The Ganga or Ganga a proper noun?

The Ganga River, an Hindu name for the Ganges River, is a proper noun, the name of a specific thing. Ganga is the personification of the sacred river, the goddess Ganga, also a proper noun, the name of the goddess.

Name of the Indian river - statewise?

ganga river

What name the river ganga known in Bangladesh?

padma river

Name the tributaries of river ganga?


Name any four southern tributaries of river ganga?

The southern tributaries of Ganga are Yamuna ,Chambal and Son Hoogly river is a southern distributary of Ganga.

What is the name of the holiest river in India?

The name for the holiest river in India is Ganga (also called the Ganges). There are other rivers such as Narmada. But the holiest is Ganga.

What is the name of the sacred river in India?

Ganga dudes

Which was Indian largest river name?

Brahmaputra, Ganga river is the largest river in India.

What is the name of the most significant river in Hindus?

the river ganga... its believed to be purifying

How did the River Ganges get its name?

The Ganges river gets the name from the goddess Ganga please research more on sites such as wikipedia by searching Ganges river and scrolling down to the Hinduism paragraphThe Ganges River got its name after the Hindu god Ganga. Hindus believe the river is a physical embodiment of Ganga and washes away sins.

Name the water divide between the indus river system and the ganga river systems?

Ambala is situated on the water divide of indus and ganga

Name the source of river ganga?

gaumukh glacier of GANGOTRI

What is the name of a dam built on ganga river?

tehri dam

What is the name meaning of Jahnavi?

jahnavi means river ganga

What is the name of the main crop growing in the river ganga?


Name 2 rivers which form a large delta?

river ganga and river nile

Is the ganga a proper grammatically used?

If you are referring to the river Ganga (Ganges), 'the Ganga' is the correct term. When you write it, Ganga must be capitalized because it is a proper noun, the name of a specific thing.

Name the tributaries of the ganga from the vindhyachal ranges?

River called son

What was the name of the river in which Kunti floated her son by Surya?

The Ashwanadi river which is a tributary of the Ganges.

What is the name of the place where the three river ganga yamuna kaveri meets?


What is the name of campaign launched for cleaning the river ganga?

idiot we don not know

What is the name of the Ganga river when it comes to an end in the bay of Bengal or kolkata?


What is the meaning of Arabic name jabin or jabeen?

zabeen mining river of ganga

Name of the two branches in which river ganga splits in west Bengal?

A): padma B): Tributary of Hugli river