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Q: What is the name or make of the little sherry glasses used in Frasier?
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Where can one buy top of the line sherry glasses?

Companies that make high end wine glasses such as Riedel and Waterford, make glasses specific to drinking sherry. They are available at specialty wine shops.

How do make nerd in little alchemy?

Human+glasses. Glasses=glass+glass.

How do you make nerd in little alchemy?

Human+glasses. Glasses=glass+glass.

How many glasses make one liter?

It depends on the size of the glass.There are beakers, table glasses, pint glasses, ale glasses, tumblers, shot glasses, highball glasses, wine glasses, sherry glasses and so on. All of which are different sizes, not just by standard sizes, but also depending on their design.Re-ask the question stating how much liquid the glass holds.

How do you make glasses on little academy?

To make glass you have to mix Fire and Sand

Can you use sherry wine instead of sherry vinegar?

Sherry wine will make it much sweeter.

If you have eye problems will contacts make them worst?

no contacts are like glasses, but instead they are little clear things you put in your eye if your uncomftorable with glasses, but make sure you check with ur optomitriss before you take action.

How 3d tv makers can discover the comfortable 3d glasses?

There are actually Comfortable 3D glasses available out there already. The batteries have been the reason for heavy glasses in the past but newer glasses are as little as 23g or under one ounce. Before committing to any television r glasses, make sure they really are comfortable for you and your family.

Which type of plastic is used to make your glasses?

Pvc is used to make dissposable glasses

Are sherry and cooking sherry different?

"Cooking sherry" is sherry of inferior quality with salt added to make it unpalatable for drinking. It was developed during a time when servants did most of the cooking, in order to prevent them from consuming the sherry kept in the kitchen. Because it made to be unpalatable for drinking it is also unpalatable in recipes. Cooking sherry is seldom used today, and never by serious cooks. Recipes calling for sherry should be made with a sherry produced for drinking. The type and quality used should be determined by the recipe, sweetness level desired, and cost.

How do you make Soulja Boy's glasses?

get white glasses and write his name on it

Does cream sherry include dairy products?

No, dairy products are not used to make cream sherry, the word 'cream'in this case refers to the drinks smoothness.