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because everything is bigger in Texas because everything is bigger in Texas

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The Texas Special catheter was originally envented for a TEXAS senator so he could filibuster without interruption. Catheters have been used in recent history by Ted Cruz, Wendy Davis.

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How did Texas catheter get its name?

only 2 thing come from Texas...and i dont see horns on you

What is the origin of the name Texas?

Native Americans

What is the origin name of Anahuac Texas?

Aztecs language "watery plains"

What is the origin of Texas' state name?

"Texas" comes from the Caddo Indian word tejas, which means "friend."

What is the name of the tube that connects to your private?


What is the origin of the thoroughbred?


Is Foley catheter a proper or common noun?

The compound noun 'Foley catheter' can be considered a COMMON NOUN based on the fact the noun 'Foley' is functioning as an attributive noun (acting as an adjective), describing the common noun 'catheter'. This compound noun is a word for ANY of a certain type of catheter, not a word for a specific, individual catheter.

Origin of Texas?

The name for Texas is a Native American word for friends. The area was populated by many different tribes starting as early as the 1st century.

What is the origin name of Houston Texas?

The city is named after Sam Houston ; see related link below .

What is a catheter used for?

A catheter is a generic name. In general a catheter is the medical equivalent of a drinking straw, adapted to different uses. It my take many different forms, like a urinary drainage catheter (Foley catheter) or a pigtail catheter (used to drain collections, be they liquid or sometimes even gaseous as in a pneumothorax).The most common purpose of a catheter is to drain urine, when an individual is unable to expell waste on their own efficiently.

What is the name for a plastic tube urine?

A urinary catheter, usually just called a Catheter. It may be made from rubber, latex or silicone.

What is mason's musso origin?

he is from Texas

How do you code a Quintin catheter?

The code for a Quniton catheter is 36800. The quniton catheter is a catheter that is a dual lumen catheter that is used on a semi-permanent basis.

The Cattle Kingdom had its origin in?

southeastern texas

Origin of name gold?

Origin of name gold?

What is the origin of the name Chicago?

what is the origin of the name Chicago

What is coppers origin of name?

Copper's origin name

How did thrity get its origin name?

how did thrity get its origin name

What is the origin name of radium?

the origin name is'' radior''

What is the origin name for samarium?

The origin name is Samar

Where did the name sunkett origin from?

what is the origin of the name Sunkett

What is the origin of the name of hydrogen?

what is the origin name of hydrogen

How did Texas get its state motto?

Friendship.The word Friendship was adopted as the Texas state motto by the Forty-first Texas Legislature in February 1930. The word was probably chosen because the name Texas or Tejas was the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word sometimes translated to mean "friends" or "allies." See also TEXAS, ORIGIN OF NAME.

What does Texas mean in Arabic?

Texas is a word with a Native American origin, meaning "friend". Texas has no meaning in Arabic.

What south Texas city is named after a major city in Scotland?

The only city in south Texas which sounds even remotely Scottish in origin is McAllen city but there is no city of that name in Scotland.