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What is the national currency of Zimbabwe?

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There is no such thing as a Zimbabwe dollar. As of 2017, Zimbabwe has no national currency.

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.FYI, as of 2017, Zimbabwe does not have a national currency.

Because of its runaway hyperinflation, Zimbabwe no longer has a national currency. An old Zimbabwe bank note is now only valuable as a collector's item or a novelty.

Air Zimbabwe is just like Air Canada or Air China, it is the national flight institution of Zimbabwe and flies in a global standard. The currency is in South African rand.

The national emblem of Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe Bird.

Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe reduced it to one of the lowest-valued currency units in the world, so I think there is no country that accepts its currency.

Zimbabwe prints its own currency. In fact Zimbabwe has a $100 trillion note

the national plant of Zimbabwe is Gloriosa Superba

The smallest Zimbabwe currency note is the 1Cent note

National Gallery of Zimbabwe was created in 1957.

The Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger) is the national animal of Zimbabwe.

The African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) is the national bird of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe national cricket team was created in 1981.

Great Zimbabwe National Monument is a building or building complex in Zimbabwe.

The national anthem of Zimbabwe (in English) is called "Blessed be the Land of Zimbabwe".

The Quetzal is the national currency of Guatemala.

The national currency of Poland is Zloty.

The national currency of the USA is the dollar

The national currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira. It was officially adopted as the national currency for a final time in 2003.

The current de facto currency of Zimbabwe is the US dollar. The South African rand, Botswana pula and UK pound are also used under the multi-currency regime.

The national currency of Burundi is the Burundi Franc.

Which of these was not a form of national currency in the 1800s? A+

who made up of not having national currency

Zimbabwe's national sport is soccer.