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Is the average elevation of New Zealand above or below 1000 feet

What is the largest group of coral reefs and islands in the world

What river flows through the northern part of new south wales territory

What is the largest island country of Oceania

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Q: What is the national emblem on New Zealand and what exactly is it?
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Why is the kiwi on the New Zealand One Dollar coin?

The kiwi is the national faunal emblem of New Zealand.

Which country's bird is kiwi?

Although it isn't an official national emblem, the Kiwi is a national icon in New Zealand.

What is the kiwi an emblem of?

The kiwi is considered an emblem of New Zealand.

What is the feather on the New Zealand rugby team?

It is a Silver Fern, a plant native to New Zealand.

What is New Zealand's national bid?

Kiwi is New Zealand's national bird.

Is a rugby ball a new zealand symbol?

No, they have the Fern emblem worn on their Jerseys . The Rugby Ball emblem is used by the IRB

Should national be capitalized in national library of New Zealand?

Yes. It should be National Library of New Zealand.

What is the national airline for New Zealand?

air new zealand

When was National Bank of New Zealand created?

National Bank of New Zealand was created in 1872.

When was Radio New Zealand National created?

Radio New Zealand National was created in 1925.

When was National Library of New Zealand created?

National Library of New Zealand was created in 1965.

When was New Zealand National Front created?

New Zealand National Front was created in 1968.