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Agnes of Rome was a Roman citizen.

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St. Agnes lived in Rome.

The meaning of st. Agnes is little lamb

st. Agnes was born in 291 and died 304

St. Agnes died in the year 304.

If you are referring to St. Agnes the martyr, no she was not a nun. If you are referring to St. Agnes of Assisi, yes,she was a nun.

St. Agnes died about the year 304.

Yes because st. agnes was a saint

St. Agnes Cemetery was created in 1867.

The feast day of St. Agnes is January 21.

The lamb, a symbol of purity, is the symbol of St. Agnes.

St Agnes railway station was created in 1903.

St Agnes railway station ended in 1963.

St Agnes Parochial School was created in 1941.

St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School's motto is 'Veritas'.

St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School was created in 1851.

Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes was created in 1858.

No, it was St. Agnes of Assisi who was St. Clare's sister.

Agnes was from Rome, Italy.

Click this linkfor a biography of St. Agnes of Rome.

The area of Godrevy Head to St Agnes is 6,274,000.0 square meters.

St Agnes Catholic High School was created in 1962.

St. Agnes died in the year 304 and the feast is celebrated on January 21.In Rome.

St. Agnes Boys High School was created in 1914.

St. Agnes Tsao Kou Ying was born in 1821.

The area of Wingletang Down - St. Agnes - is 289,000.0 square meters.

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