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the lynx is Romania's animal

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Q: What is the native animal of Romania?
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What kind of animal do they have in Romania?

Romania has 60% of Europe's bear population.

What is the national animal of Romania?


Who were the native people of Romania?

The ancient populations of Romania are tribes of Dacians and Gets, peoples from the Thracian group.

Is there an animal called an oster in Romania?

As far as I could find using, no, there is not an animal called an oster anywhere, much less in Romania.

Why is the lynx Romania national animal?

Lynx is not the Romanian national animal.

What is the most famous animal in Romania?

This is the bear.

What is china's native animal?

A native animal of China is the panda bear.

Is a fish a native Australian animal?

a fish is an ausrtalian native animal

Is a dolphin a native animal?

Native to where

What is the main animal of Romania?

The dog is very common.

What are two native animals to Romania?

bear, wolf, deer, lynx

What is native animals in Romania?

Example: fox, wolf, bear, deer.

What is South Carolina's native animal?

The white tail deer is SC's native animal.

Romania what is the most common animal?

Sheeps and dogs, sparrows

How has Nadia Comaneci made a difference in the world?

She had a gym built in her native romania.

What animal is native to Cambodia?

the eagle is native to cambodia

What does it mean for an animal to be native to a state or country?

It means that the animal originated from that country or state. It is native to that region.

What does it mean for an animal to be native to a country or state?

It means that the animal originates from that region. It is native to that region. For example, the bald eagle is native to the United States.

Which animal is not Native to sumatra?

The Sumantran Panther is not native to sumatra.

Is a magpie a native animal?

The Australian magpie is native to Australia.

What is the opposite to a native animal?

Non native animals. Exotic.

What things are native to Canada?

beavers are its native animal and ice hockey is its native sport.

What is Guyana native animal?

The jaguar is the national animal of Guyana.

Is a wombat a native animal of Australia?

Yes. The wombat is a native animal of Australia. It is endemic, meaning it is found nowhere else.

Is the kangaroo a native animal to Australia?

Yes. Kangaroos are native to Australia.