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What is the nativity scene in church is called a?

The Nativity scene is often referred to as a "creche" which is pronounced as crashe (with a long "a" as in able).

What is the nativity scene called in Venezuela?

In Venezuela the Nativity Scene is called the Nacimiento. These are elaborate displays in most homes during the Christmas season.

What is the French nativity scene called?

A Creche.

What other names is the nativity called?

Jesus' birthday, Christmas, the birth of Jesus The nativity scene popularly displayed at Christmas is also called a crèche or manger scene, a three dimensional display depicting the Nativity.

What do the french people call a nativity scene?

nativity scene = accouchement

What are nativity scenes called in Colombia?

A nativity scene in Colombia is called a pesebre and may feature a town and its surrounding countryside and animals.

What do French people call the nativity setting?

The nativity scene is called "crèche" (feminine noun) in French.

Where did the name 'nativity' come from?

The word "nativity" has Latin roots in the word "natal" which means, from birth. The Nativity scene is the scene focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ.

What is the nativity scene called in Cuba?

It is called "Caraibian". Because Cuba is part of the Caraibian Islands.

What do the French call a nativity scene?

They call a nativity scene "une crèche" (fem. - literally "a crib").

Was there a lion at the nativity scene?


In what season does the nativity scene take place?

The Nativity scene takes place in the seson of Winter at Christmas time.

What Christmas song depicts the nativity scene?

"Away in a Manger" is one of the Christmas songs that depict the nativity scene.

What country did the nativity scene come from?

This came from a place called Bethleham Where christ was born.

Who was the first person to make a nativity scene?

st. Francis of Assisi in 1223, it was a living one, but still a nativity scene...

What is a Christmas creche?

a nativity scene

What is another name for the nativity scene?

Creche is a french word that means manger or crib. It is also used to describe a nativity scene.

What year did Saint Francis create the nativity scene?

Francis created the first nativity scene (a living one) in the year 1223.

What is a sentence with the word nativity?

I put up the nativity scene in our house every year

What is another name fora Christmas manger scene?

nativity scene

What do the french call the nativity scene?


What is the special nativity scene in Venezuela?


What does presepe mean in Italy?

Nativity scene

What is a presepi?

Presepi is Italian for nativity scene.

What do they call the nativity scene in Mexico?