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Q: What is the natural flow of ground water called as?
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What is base flow?

Where the ground water leakage direction meet into the surface water is called Base flow.

What is a natural flow of water from underground?

a natural flow of water from underground

How do natural water springs work?

Springs flow through the ground. they act like wells, and purifiers. some springs flow only at certain times of the year.

When does ground water become surface water?

When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

When does surface water become ground water?

When the ground water flow out of the earth surface as a form of spring.

What layer of rock that ground water cannot flow through?

Bed rock is the layer of rock through which ground water cannot flow.

What describes an aquifer's ability to allow water to flow through?

the flow and storage of ground water.

What is a natural spring?

A natural spring is the point at which sub-surface ground water emerges from underground. Precipitation is absorbed into the ground by infiltration. If the water hits a non-permeable layer underground (say, clay or fine grained shale) it will flow laterally and sometimes re-emerges in the form of a natural spring.

What is ground water flow?

ground water flow is when a water or rain cannot go through something and stays on the top of the thing u are pouring on or something that is raining on it!

What are the uses of flow net in fluid mechanics?

For calculate the flow of ground water.

Where does surface water travel?

Surface water flows downhill or seeps into the ground becoming groundwater. The natural flow of surface water is downhill or seaward. See the related link for more information.

A natural flow of water from the earth surface?


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