What is the natural vegetation of Assam?

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In Assam
natural vegetation of assam is decedious type as it is nearer to sea...but it is a joke i dont know the answer
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What is natural vegetation?

Around the world, before humans began to cut down forests and to plant crops and gardens (and even to move plants from one country to another), each place on earth had a community of plants that were adapted to the area and climate zone in which they lived (such as cacti in the deserts or oak forest ( Full Answer )

How does natural vegetation affect an economy?

We all know that natural vegetation are all the natural environment and resources. We human directly or indirectly must depend upon these resources for our livelihood , raw materials for running industries,herbs for medicine and soon.hence it is main source for our economy....

What is Brazil's natural vegetation?

The Amazon region is the largest and probably the oldest forest area in the world, it also ascends the slopes of the Andes until it merges with subtropical and temperate regions. On its southern border it mixes with the woodlands of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, with galleries of trees extend ( Full Answer )

What is the natural vegetation of Toronto?

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What is the natural vegetation of Florida?

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What is France's Natural Vegetation?

The natural vegetation in France is similar to vegetation inmountainous regions. Some of the common plants include shrubs,conifers, needle leaf trees and alpine trees among others.

Natural vegetation in gauteng?

The natural vegetation in Gauteng consists of woodland areas.Sunflowers and sorghum grow naturally in these areas, and are alsoproduced.

Types of natural vegetation?

1-Tropical rain forest 2-Temperate deciduous forest 3-Temperate coniferous forest 4-Tropical grassland 5-Temperate grassland 6-Hot Desert Vegetation 7-Cold Desert Vegetation

What purpose does natural vegetation serve?

Natural vegetation serves a great purpose in the environment. Theyare part of the autotrophs or producers in the ecosystem and mainlyprovide food to other organisms.

What is the Conclusion of natural vegetation?

The following are the principal types of natural vegetation in India: (1) Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests, (2) Deciduous or Monsoon Type of Forests, (3) Dry Deciduous Forests and Scrubs, (4) Semi- Desert and Desert Vegetations, (5) Tidal or Mangrove Forests and (6) Mountain Forests. § Tropi ( Full Answer )

Introduction of natural vegetation?

vegetation is a general term for the plant life of a region; it refer to the ground cover provided by plants. it is a general term, without specific reference to particular taxa, lifeforms, structure, spatial extent, or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics. It is broader than t ( Full Answer )

What is natural vegetation and wildlife?

Natural vegetation & Wildlife in INDIA is not so well. Because human himself had destroyed all natural vegetation, due to this wildlife had also been destroyed.

What are vegetation natural resources?

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Why do you need to conserve natural vegetation?

We need vegetation because it gives other animal a place to live. In order to protect the ecosystem of that place and also the gene pool for the survival of future generations.

What are the features and importance of natural vegetation?

Vegetation is the plant life or the plant ground cover of a region, not the particular taxa, life forms, structure, spatial extent, or any other specific botanical or geographic characteristics. It is broader than the term flora which refers exclusively to species composition. Perhaps the closest ( Full Answer )

What is natural vegetation in Kentucky?

Kentucky Coffeetree . Tulip Poplar which is the official state tree which is not a poplar but a member of the Magnolia family. . American Linden . Sweetgum . Eastern Hemlock . Northern Catalpa . Greenn Ash . Black Locust . Sassafrass . Shingle Oak . Shagbark Hickory . Pignut . Pecan . B ( Full Answer )

Details of natural vegetations of India?

The following are the principal types of natural vegetation in India: (1) Tropical Evergreen Rain Forests, (2) Deciduous or Monsoon Type of Forests, (3) Dry Deciduous Forests and Scrubs, (4) Semi- Desert and Desert Vegetations, (5) Tidal or Mangrove Forests and (6)

What is Ireland's natural vegetation?

The most natural vegetation is grass and moss.........Ireland has a lack of trees considering it is known as the Emerald Isle because it is so green

What are the uses of natural vegetation?

The uses of natural vegetation are : Hardwoods: Trees in the tropical rainforests are hardwood , because this wood is hard and strong. this timber had always been important for construction e.g,of boats and buildings. Hardwood doest not rot easily so things made from it long a last time. this ( Full Answer )

What is the natural vegetation and wildlife of India?

The natural vegetation and wildlife of India is that it comprises amix of species of different organisms. Some if the wildlife ofIndia includes snakes, monkeys, Deer Pythons, Bengal tigers,Crocodiles, wild dogs and the Asian elephants.

What are The Natural Vegetation In The Temperate Zone?

The natural vegetation in the temperate zone are grasses. The grasslands varies in size from country to country. In the Prairies the grasses are tall whereas in the the Steppes the grasses are short.

What is Distribution of natural vegetation?

The growth of vegetation depends primarily on temperature of moisture. the major vegetation types of the world are grouped as . 1. forests 2.Grasslands 3.scrubs 4.Tundra .

Information about natural vegetation of antarctica?

Antarctica is a cold desert. The extreme cold conditions and lack of rainfall,combined with the thick ice cover ,do not allows plants to grow. The vegetation consists of mosses, fungi an lichens, which grow in some areas during the short summer season.

What are the benefits of natural vegetation?

There are many benefits of natural vegetation: - Protection of desirable trees, vines, bushes and grasses from damage - Provide erosion control - Storm water detention - Bio- Filtration

Natural vegetation of Pakistan?

natural vegetation of Pakistan is wheat cocoa sugar sweets barley rubber coffee tea www.alphniadelphinum@yahoo.com.pk laiba kamil

What is the natural vegetation in North Dakota?

Much of North Dakota is part of the Great Plains so the natural vegetation includes a variety of prairie grasses including big bluestem, little bluestem, Canada wild rye, western wheat grass, blue grama grass, rough fescue, sand bluestem, prairie sandreed, needle-and-thread, sand dropseed, Indian ri ( Full Answer )

How to develop Assam by using natural resources?

1)Promoting foreign investments. 2)Developing trade business with Bangladesh,mayanmar,nepal and China. 3)Development of agriculture. 4)development of small towns. 5)development of new ecofriendly industrial areas. 6)developing the state transport and communication system.7)Making the Health and Educ ( Full Answer )

Where is Assam?

Assam is a northeastern state of India. It is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas.

Natural vegetation in himachal pradesh?

Pollen analysis of Sitikher bog near Kunzum Pass (Himachal Pradesh) indicates that between 2300 and 1500 yr BP, cold and dry climate prevailed in the upper Spiti region and glaciers advanced towards the lower elevations. Between 1500 and 900 yr BP the climate changed to warm and moist, which resulte ( Full Answer )

What is natural vegetation of UAE?

The climate of the UAE is desert-influenced, with little rain in the winter months and long hot summers. Vegetation throughout the country is dominated by arid zone species, since none of the hills in the east and north are high enough to counter the summer heat. Edaphic factors concern the soil. Th ( Full Answer )

What is the natural vegetation of the Muslim world?

Answer 1 The Islamic countries do not occupy just one biome, so the natural vegetation varies immensely. There are the Arab countries, Iran, and Turkey which primarily occupy deserts and semi-arid regions. The deserts are relatively devoid of vegetation, save for oases and rivers where palm trees ( Full Answer )

Distinguish between vegetation and natural vegetation.?

Narural vegetation refers to the vegetation that grows by itself without any human intervention such as providing water. Vegetation refers to the vegetation which grows with the help of humans.

What is natural vegetation in turkey?

Some of the natural vegetation in the country of Turkey are tulips,wheat, and cherries. There are also other types of fruits, likeapricots and figs.

What is the nature of most fruits and vegetables?

Most of the Fruits and Vegetables contain High amount of fiber which helps in digesting food quickly and make our body organs to receive the nutrients consumed by us. They also contain many Vital nutrients which improves our glamour. So Make sure that your everyday diet contains Fruits and Vegetab ( Full Answer )

What are the methods of natural vegetative propagation?

B12Ph8_Natural Methods Vegetative reproduction by natural methods is very common among seed plants. Vegetative organs such as roots, stems & leaves bear adventitious buds & bring about the formation of new plant s . 1) Vegetative reproduction by roots: The roots of some plants develop advent ( Full Answer )

Why is natural vegetation an asset to India?

natural vegetation is an asset to india because its flora and fauna is very important to the world. flora because its plant and vegetation provides us with all things and fauna too you fool.. dont know that much also........

What are natural vegetation in France?

Natural vegetation is the kind of plants and trees that grow in france. 80% of France is deciduous forest. These forests contain the famous oak and beech trees. hope this helped a little!

What is natural vegetation of new zealand?

New Zealand's flora derives mainly from that of the Gondwanaland continental assembly, with other contributions from mid-Pacific. The trees are all evergreen, gymnosperms and angiosperms both, (with two irregular exceptions). The natural forest consists of upper story tall trees, an understory of ( Full Answer )

What are natural vegetation of India?

India's natural vegetation varies from place to place. In the southern part of India one can find deciduous and tropical rain forests. While near the Himalayas one can find Alpine vegetation. In the western part of India, near Gujarat and Rajasthan , one can fine dry and arid type of vegetation.