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Carnival Corporation is a global cruise company and one of the worlds largest travel and leisure companies. The nature of the business of Carnival Corporation is to provide vacation experiences for its guests on cruise ships and other vacation experiences. The company operates a portfolio of nine cruise line brands, which include Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Seabourn, AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises, Cunard, P&O Cruises, and P&O Cruises Australia. Carnival Corporation also owns tour and leisure companies, such as Holland America Tours, Windstar Cruises, and Fathom. In addition to providing vacation experiences, the company also provides a variety of related services, such as shore excursions, cruise-related retail and concession operations, port and destination services, and other travel-related services.

The companys activities include:

  • Planning and operating cruises, cruises-to-nowhere, and other leisure experiences
  • Developing and marketing cruise and cruise-related products
  • Providing shore excursions
  • Providing cruise-related retail and concession operations
  • Providing port and destination services
  • Providing other cruise-related services

Carnival Corporation also owns and operates hotels, resorts, and entertainment complexes, as well as provides a variety of other services, such as vacation ownership programs, loyalty programs, and marketing services.

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Q: What is the nature of business of carnival corporation?
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What is the symbol for Carnival Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for Carnival Corporation in the NYSE is: CCL.

Who owns the carnival glory?

Carnival Corporation

In what year did Carnival Corporation - CCL - have its IPO?

Carnival Corporation (CCL)had its IPO in 1987.

What is the market cap for Carnival Corporation CUK?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Carnival Corporation (CUK) is $30,063,453,865.73.

What is the market cap for Carnival Corporation CCL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Carnival Corporation (CCL) is $30,079,621,359.07.

Who is CEO Micky Arison?

Micky Arison built his father's Carnival Cruise Lines business into the world's largest and most successful cruise-ship company, Carnival Corporation. He served as president of the business beginning in 1979.

Does Disney own carnival cruise line?

No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation

What country is carnival cruise lines out of?

Carnival Cruise Lines operates out of the United States, however the corporation behind it operates globally with operations in England, Italy, and other areas they do business.

Who owns Cunard Line?

Carnival Corporation

Which company is Carnival Legend operated by?

Carnival Legend is operated by the Carnival Cruise Line,hence the word Carnival in its name. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC.

Is the Costa Concordia part of Carnival Cruise Lines?

Costa Concordia is owned by Carnival Corporation which also owns Carnival Cruise Lines.

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