Genetic Engineering

What is the near-universality of the genetic code?

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The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded in genetic material .

instruction stored in the gene in the form genetic code.

genetic code is genetic information only.

DNA carries the genetic code.

The genetic code was not invented, it was discovered!

The secondary genetic code is the folding of protein.

RNA contains the genetic code.

The genetic code is carried by the macromolecule DNA. In particular, the sequence of nitrogen bases on the DNA determines the genetic code.

The genetic code is carried in the DNA on the chromosomes.

the genetic code gets direction from the DNA

what makes up the genetic code is the series of sugars.

what purpose does the cells genetic code serve?

why genetic code is arbitraryif yesthen prov ur anser

The genetic code for an organism can be found out by DNA testing.

chromosomes have a genetic coding

The master copy of an organism's genetic code is the DNA.

The genetic code is carried in the sequence of the nitrogen bases.

The genetic code was not invented - it evolved as the foundation of life on planet Earth.

The genetic code for hair will vary from person to person, as everybody's DNA is unique, apart from identical twins. Therefore, there is no standard genetic code for hair.

Yes, humans and bacteria share a common genetic code. The genetic code, genetic language, allows bacteria to affect many internal systems found in humans.

The genetic code is the established rules by which the encoded information in the genetic material found in an organism is translated into proteins by its living cells.

for the genetic engenerring to take place it needs genetic code like for a car to drive you need to put gas in it. its simple

The genetic code provides a template or recipe for growing a new organism.