What is the need of computers?

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June 21, 2012 1:41AM

Computers are needed nower days because they are used to:


1. Write important documents and print them in a font everyone understands ( because not everyone understands every ones handwriting)

2. To Shop online (better than to go to the shop and find out what you want is not in stock)

3. Watch Videos and play & record Music CDs, etc


1. Keep Records of peoples pay and parsonal details

2. View new orders over the internet and contact warehouse to despatch them

3. Collecting payments from costumers, View new stock and calculating Pofit/loss of company. (without computers people would spend more time calculating this)


1. Control Factory Machines like printing presses

2. Calculate stock in warehouse and automatically re-order equitment from Main Manufacturer (like a Newspaper press needs paper and ink)

3. To communicate with costumers or retail units about dispatch details
Computers make lots of things easy. You can type papers, which eliminates the needs for pens and pencils, you can play games, which eliminates the need for cards and boards, and you can do research without pages and pages of books.
Computers assist in public relations work, programming, and making the world more modern, making jobs easier, and more jobs are needed to make computers, it helps the economy, because it can do stuff people cant.

This is the Basic Reason why, as i can tell you probably will not understand what i am talking about otherwise,

Sorry about the short response

to do stuff