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What is the new animal coming out in animal jam?


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2013-02-06 22:35:35
2013-02-06 22:35:35

the animal is a raccoon for animal jam, i even solved the puzzle... my user name for animal jam is... Teensy Happybunny

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the penguins are coming on the 4th on june

the Aj horses are coming out on Jan. 2, 2012

You cannot since the old one IS the new one.

every other week they get new clothes and den items but their might be a new animal to.

Do you have new Animal Jam codes for December 2011

You must be a requested admin to have the animal reindeer in animal jam i will be beta testing all coming animals and while I'm walking around animal jam showing my reindeer you can see me and YOU have a chance to get a code for admins

no there not going to be back:(

Giraffes will be on the game in 2014.

No there's not. There is a new pet coming out though, the turtle. There may be in the future, but not anytime around us.

We can safely assume that goats will be arriving in Animal Jam soon!

You can't get rid of ban on Animal Jam™, I suggest creating a new account.

Animal jam, or beta days? If animal jam, then Animal Jam was invented in 2010.

Even if one is living in New Zealand, one can purchase Animal Jam membership by going to the Animal Jam section of the National Geographic website. Animal Jam membership allows you access to members only areas of the Animal Jam site, and portions of the membership fee go to support the National Geographic Big Cats program.

There's discovery, new year jam, and gorilla. Go the related link to to get more animal jam codes.

The Jam Mart on Animal Jam is in Jamaa Township.

you can get a deer in animal jam by being a member and buying it in the animal jam animal shop just tape add animal

Well, the animals will just come. For example, suddenly the newspaper said a new animal is coming up.I think it will be a penguin but.It comes out 4th or 5th in feb. There is going to be another new animal in Mar. 23 or 24 but...

they should be coming sometime within 2/18/13 and 2/22/13

these codes all give you a 1,000 gems on animal jam Spooky, Playwild, Playfree,Playsafe,

animal jam is supposed to work everyday. perhaps u should make a new account

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