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Q: What is the new fashion trend this week?
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What was the smallest fashion trend in the US?

I asked this question because I was thinking about this economy's fashion sense, and how much trends change from the newest word to the new color of the week. What is the smallest fashion trend in the U.S.A?

What are the best fashion shows for new designers?

Some of the best fashion shows for new designers can be found in New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week.

When was New York Fashion Week created?

New York Fashion Week was created in 1943.

Is Plaid a new fashion trend of 2009?

It is a popular trend. But only looks good on certain body types.

What is the New York Fashion Week?

It is a celebration in New York (of course in other places too) in which people who love fashion, the fashion week, New York has people more dressed up, more fashion shows.

Why are people bringing back olden day fashion?

It is known as a retro trend and has happened throughout the history of high-fashion. The why is difficult to determine and is rarely agreed on by experts in the field. Fashion trends go through a cycle. The trend starts as something new that trend setters wear then eventually becomes over worn and the population becomes tired of it. Years later that trend will be tweaked a little to fit in with the fashion standards of the time. This is retro fashion. The new retro fashion will then go through the cycle again. Another fashion trend is vintage. This is when the piece of clothing is the exact same as it was when it was first created, so no new tweaks were added. There is no definite answer to why different styles come back, but designers know the fashion cycle very well and can predict what era of fashion they should bring into their collections.

What are the release dates for Fashion Police - 2002 New York Fashion Week?

Fashion Police - 2002 New York Fashion Week was released on: USA: 14 September 2012

Why to teach fashion designing?

to create new designs as per new trend & comfort.

How do you deal with Fashion trend?

I'll deal fashion trend with a confidently beautiful with a heart.

When did New York fashion week begin?

This year, New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 began yesterday (Sept. 5th).

What are the most popular clothes' fashion shows in the US?

Some of the most popular clothes's fashion shows in the US include: New York fashion week, Miami fashion week, Los Angeles fashion week, and rip the runway.

What is a fashion statement?

A fashion statement is a a popular fashion trend.

What is a macro trend in fashion?

A fashion bunny

What is a fashion trend?

Hmmmmmm.... Well I am a trend setter, people might say, but a fashion trend is like... Remember in 2010 sillybandz were really in? Remember in 2011, when feather extensions were in? Remember in 2008 neon was back in? Remember how in the 80's it was cool to look like a fool? Well a fashion trend is when a really cool item, generally clothing or accessories, are in for a amount of time and then kinda go out of style. If you are having trouble finding a trend to follow, the STOP! Start one of your own! In simpler and more understandable words, a fashion trend is a new style or a new item of clothing sometime a behaviour that becomes widely worn or talked about.

Who is modelling in new york fashion week 2010?

The names of specific models that will be in the New York Fashion Week shows are typically not information that is published. If it is, you will more than likely have to check the official New York Fashion Week website, which will provide updated information as soon as it becomes available.

Where does a new look come from?

New looks will typically come from fashion designers. There are also certain trend setters in the world, as well, although they often work with fashion designers.

Where do you get the information of latex fashion?

Latex fashion is the trend! Especially combination of latex and music is becoming the recent trend!

Where is New York fashion week?

The couture and luxury collections are shown at the Waldorf Astoria under the banner Couture Fashion Week

What is the new fashion trend of 2013?

For kids Justice located in Pier Park and for adults Dillard's.

What is an example of fashion trend forecasting?

An example of fashion trend forcasting would be predicting that neon colored socks and black shoes will be the big trend for Spring 2012.

What is a short-lived fashion phenomenon called?

A fashion trend.

What does New York City has the most?

Fashion week

What are some of the places Chanel fashion shows are held?

The most popular places where Chanel fashion shows are held are New York - during the New York Fashion Week and Paris - during the Paris Fashion Week. Other places include London, Tokyo and Shanghai.

What is a clothing trend?


What is the Sanskrit word for fashion or trends?

'Fashion' and 'Trend' both are two separate words with separate meanings. For 'fashion', similar Sanskrit word is 'Vesh-Bhusha' and for 'trend', it is 'Prachalan'.