What is the next Total Drama season that will air after Total Drama World Tour?

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The fourth season of Total Drama is going to be called Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and will be taking place at a now radioactive Camp Wawanakwa. New cast is going to be added to this season.
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When will total drama world tour air?

It already aired. In fact Ive already seen every single episode. You probably just keep missing it. If you want you can watch them all on google videos.

Who wins total drama world tour?

Well in canada it was alejandbecause he ran up an took the money because heather put his pinapple dummy if her into the lava and inituns and anywhere else it was heather But zekil got the 1millon $

When does total drama world tour start?

TDWT starts June 21st for the US and for Canada a sneak peak of it was shown June 11th but they have to wait till September before they can see the rest of it

What are the Teams for Total Drama World Tour?

OK were are the teams for Total Drama World Tour Team 1: Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Tyler, Izzy, NEW Kevin Team 2: Cody, Gwen, Heather, Courtney, Sierra, NEW Lo brat Team 3: LeShawna, DJ, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Bridgette, NEW Tojo I do not know the teams' names but when I find out I'll tell you. ( Full Answer )

List of total drama world tour episodes?

Ep.1 Walk like an a Egyptian part 1, Ep.2 walk like an a Egyptian part 2,Ep.3 super crazy fun time in japan Ep.4 anything Yukon do I can do better Ep.5 Broadway baby! Ep.6 slap! slap! Revolution

Total drama world tour elimination order?

19th-Duncan-Egypt 18th-Ezekiel-Egypt 17th-Harold-Japan 16th-Bridgette-Yukon 15th-Leshawna-Germany 14th-Lindsay-Paris 13th-Izzy-Jamaica 12th-DJ-Jamaica 11th-Noah-London 10th-Tyler-Area 51 9th-Gwen-Australia 8th-Owen-Canada 7th-Blaineley-China 6th-Courtney-China 5th-Duncan- ( Full Answer )

Who is Alejandro from total drama world tour?

Alejandro is a new character on Total Drama World Tour. He isSpanish, has brown hair, green eyes, and is very good atmanipulating people, especially girls, into helping him win andthen gets rid of them. He is based on ex-contestant Trent, who wasa victim of Heather's manipulation (in TDI) and his me ( Full Answer )

Total drama world tour team names?

team amazon:Courtney,Gwen,Heather,Cody,Sierra team victory:LeShawna,D.J.,Ezekiel,Bridgette,Lindsay,Harold team chris is really really really really hot:Izzy,Alejandro,Noah,Tyler,Owen Duncan is in total drama world tour but he quits before the teams are formed

Does Duncan come back on total drama world tour?

Duncan quits on the episode Walk Like An Egypt Part 1. In the previews/commercials/trailer it shows he kisses Gwen which means he comes back. Though we don't know whether Chris paid him or not. (Yet) - - Yes, and it is actually in episode 13. You can watch it on YouTube on tdwtFULLEPISODES cha ( Full Answer )

Who is going to win total drama world tour?

Australia: Heather U.S; It'll be either alejandro and heather because in the Australia version, they already made the song " Versus" with alejandro and she-witch in the game

Who won total drama world tour?

Total Drama World Tour Order of Elimination 19th Duncan (None WT) Teams are formed Sierra switches from team Chris to team Amazon Izzy switches from team Amazon to team Chris 18th Ezekiel (Victory) 17th Harold (Victory) 16th Bridgette (Victory) 15th Leshawna (Victory) 14th Lindsay (Victory) 13th Iz ( Full Answer )

Does Duncan like Gwen on total drama world tour?

DUNCAN AND GWEN DO LIKE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH. IN I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE NOAH LEAVES AND DUNCAN COMES BACK. AT THE END OF THE EPISODE DUNCAN AND GWEN KISS! Courtney finds out in the next episode and breaks down. Then, Courtney gets Gwen out in a few episodes after she and Duncan break up by Co ( Full Answer )

Who win total drama world tour?

19th Duncan 18th Eziekiel- Victory 17th Harold- Victory 16th Bridgette- Victory 15th LeShawna- Victory 14th Lindsay-Victory 13th Izzy- Chris 12th DJ- Victory 11th Noah- Chris 10th Tyler- Chris 9th Gwen- Amazon MERGE 8th Owen 7th/6th Blaineley 6th/7th Courtney 5th Duncan 4th Sierra 3rd Cody- Semi Fin ( Full Answer )

Does Gwen like Duncan in total drama world tour?

Yes, she does. The whole thing started in TDA, when they were really good friends. In TDWT, right away, it was obvious that they liked eachother. When Duncan was eliminated in the first episode, Gwen seemed very sad. When Duncan came back, They kissed! They stayed very close and kissed again. Then G ( Full Answer )

Who are the final 2 in total drama world tour?

The third season's final four was confirmed on their wiki: Cody, Sierra, Alejandro, and Heather. And the final 2 are most accurately Alejandro and Heather, as leaked by the wiki also.

What is the elimination order in total drama world tour?

Duncan . Ezekiel . Harold . Bridgette . LeShawna . Lindsay . Izzy . DJ . Noah (Duncan Returns) . Tyler . Gwen . Owen (Blainley Debuts & Merge) . Courtney & Blainley . Duncan . Sierra . Cody . Alejandro . Heather WINS!!!!!!

Who won in Total Drama World Tour?

Alejandro was about to win but then Heather started to fake cry over him and then he acted all sweet then they kissed and during that heather kneed him in the balls and sent him down a volcano on an ice cube......... then Heather won but the crazed animal (Ezekiel) snatched the million and dove into ( Full Answer )

What is the season after total drama world tour?

Total Drama Revenge of the Island (Season 4) is the season after Total Drama World Tour. Season 4 is a half length season containing 13 episodes. Season 4 also has all new contestants with Seasons 1-3 characters making cameos throughout Season 4. New Episodes and Reruns of Total Drama Revenge of the ( Full Answer )

How old do you need to be to watch Total Drama Tour World?

it doesn't matter how old you are, the show is rated PG which stands for Parental Guidance which means you have to ask your parents. Me and my little sister watch it (I'm 12 and she's 9) and some of it's inappropriate but over all it's fine.

Why Trent isn't in total drama world tour?

On total drama action they had a contest at the end for whoever makes it to the studio first wins and he didnt make it same with some other people. so hes not in it

Who is going 2 win in total drama world tour?

tyler Tyler does not win so whoever put Tyler is wrong, I'm pretty sure heather wins, or she is at least in the final 3. Tyler was voted off already, Please get the facts right for whoever answered before me.

Who will go on the next total drama world tour?

the elimination order of Total Drama World Tour: . Duncan . Ezekiel . Harold . Bridgette . LeShawna . Lindsay . Izzy . Dj . Noah . Tyler . Gwen . Owen . Courtney/Blaineley . Duncan (again) . Sierra . Cody . Alejandro . Heather (winner)

Who wins total drama world tour in US?

Heather actually wins Total Drama World Tour. The last 3 were Heather, Cody, and Alejandro. But in the previous challenge, Heather was the first one to get to the required place, and Cody and Alejandro tied. So, in the finale episode, Alejandro and Cody fight for second place, and Alejandro wins bec ( Full Answer )

Will there be a total drama world tour special?

Possibly, people are hoping that there will be a special to clear up information that wasn't cleared in the season finale like, the love triangle, what will happen to Alejandro in the future, will he and Heather become a couple, will Zeke return back to normal, will new couples be formed like Alehea ( Full Answer )

Is there a next season after total drama world tour?

Season 4 (Total Drama Revenge of the Island) will take place back on total drama island, where they spent season 1. Any contestant from the any of the previous seasons will not be joining this season. There are 12 new contestants This season is a half length season containing 13 episodes and i ( Full Answer )

Will there be another season after Total Drama World Tour?

Uh, i am really not sure about this one but i think there will be another season of total drama because Chris said "See you in season 4 i guess" OK go to to youtube and type in total drama world tour episode 26 and you will here it at the end.The season 4 is going to be total drama revenge there are ( Full Answer )

What is the Total Drama World Tour Theme song?

The Total Drama World Tour Theme Song is Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine You guys are on my mind You asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answer is plain to see I WANNA BE FAMOUS I wanna live close to the sun Well pack your bags 'cause I've already won Everything to pro ( Full Answer )

How many siblings does Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour Have?

In Total Drama World Tour, two of Alejandro's brothers are mentioned. But, it is unknown how many total siblings he has. The two mentioned brother's names are Carlos and Jose. Carlos is a professional soccer player and Jose always has to top what Alejandro does and calls him Al because he knows he h ( Full Answer )

How does heather wins in total drama world tour?

She knees Alejandro in the balls then slaps him of the volcano on an icecube and then she throws her sacrifice but Ezekiel steals the million and falls in the volcano

What happens to alejandro at the end of total drama world tour?

He got betrayed by Heather then Ezekiel steals the money and falls into volcano. Volcano erupts, everyone tramples him, he gets covered by lava, Chris puts him in the drama machine so he can sign release forms about his little "Lava incident"

What happened to Alejandro in total drama world tour?

Alejandro was trampled by all of the contestants then hit by a huge wave of lava,Chris then needed the Drama Mechanise but it didn't work so he put Alejandro in the Drama Machine and sealed it closed.

When does total drama season 4 air?

Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island airs on Teletoon on the 5th of January 2012 and on Cartoon Network on the 5th of June 2012.

Who are the next total drama season?

There was: Season 1- Total Drama Island (tdi) Season 2- Total Drama Action (tda) Season 3- Total Drama World Tour (tdwt) Season 4- Total Drama Revenge of the Island (tdroti) Season 5- Unknown, but rumour's say its Hero's VS Villians

Will any of the old contestants from total drama world tour be in total drama reloaded?

Only either Duncan or Harold will be in Total Drama Reloaded, but no news yet. However, it is a strong chance that Harold is going to be in Total Drama Reloaded. Also, all of the contestants will be in the finale. Also, it is confirmed that Camp Wawanakwa is radioactive and all the original characte ( Full Answer )

Who are the couples on total drama world tour?

-Tyler/Linsday -Courtney/Duncan (Minor: Courtney/Alejandro and Courtney/Tyler) -Gwen/Duncan -Owen/Izzy -Geoff/Bridgette, only on the Aftermath (Minor: Bridgette/Alejandro) -Heather/Alejandro -Cody/Sierra Hope this helps and that I didn't miss any couple out(:

What are all the songs from Total Drama World Tour?

The songs are: Come Fly With Us (TD Plane), Lovin' Time (Egypt), Rowin' Time (Egypt), Before We Die (Japan), Stuck to a Pole (Yukon), What's not to love (New York), Baby (TDWT Aftermath), I'm Sorry (TDWT Aftermath), Eine Kleine (Germany), In This Mess (The Amazon), Oui my Friends (Paris), Sea Shanty ( Full Answer )

What happened in total drama world tours last episode?

Heather is the first one to make to Hawaii but Cody and Alejandro are both in second. Their are a LOT of videos of that topic(espically on YouTube) but I tell you the Heather ending. Alejandro is almost going to throw the pineaple dummy in the volcano and Heather is almost going to lose! Right when ( Full Answer )

When will Total Drama Season 7 air?

(02|03|2015) There doesn't appear to be a Season Six so there's noway of knowing when Season Seven will air or even if there be a Season Seven.