What is the next large comet or asteroid that will hit earth?

While we are certain that a large comet or asteroid certainly WILL hit the Earth, we have no good candidates in mind. It will probably take us by surprise.

A few years ago, astronomers identified a large asteroid that appeared to be headed right for us! It was going to hit the Earth in 2029! On Friday the 13th!

Ooops! Never mind...... Tuned out that with more accurate observations of the asteroid's orbit, it probably won't hit at all. Might not even come close enough to see.

But scientists are coming to recognize that while a major asteroid strike is a VERY unlikely event, if it DOES happen, it would ruin everybody's day. So astronomers have started watching for Near Earth Objects, and hope to identify and catalog every asteroid bigger than a basketball to make sure that it does NOT hit earth.

At least, not any time soon.