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What is the next storyline or opponents for WWE Wrestler the Undertaker after the Great Khali?

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It is currently unknown who the Undertaker will face once his feud with The Great Khali has ended at this moment in time, as nothing has been revealed in terms of storyline. ==Anser == Mr. KENEDY Kenedy

2006-08-23 07:08:26
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Why did you go undertaker after you faced the great kahli?

Answer Because its all storyline. Undertaker was schedueled for a rest, and Dalip Singh(Khali) was a developmental wrestler that the WWE were storing until the right time for him to be released into Smackdown! to be on the roster. And the right time was just before Undertaker's rest. You see, they had to have some reason why The Dead Man would be gone for a while, so they brought in Khali as a storyline to say that Undertaker ain't comin back cus of him. But don't worry who Eva asked that, cuz he's comin back. I don't know exactly when, but he'll definitely be back by The Survivor Series Tour in November this year, cuz I'm goin to it in Dublin and I know.

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The highest wrestler at WWE is The Great Khali he is 2,21 m, thereafter it is Big Show

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Yes, he has

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Well all wrestlers are great! but i think the best ones are : Undertaker,HBK,Randy Orton,Jeff Hardy,HHH,Edge, & many more but i don't think that there is one wrestler that is the Best! all of them are pretty good ;D

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Who was the first Indian wresteler in wwf?

There was no Indian wrestler in WWF.The first Indian wrestler is the great khali who came in WWE in 2006.

Who was the first man to pin great Kali in 2007?

The Undertaker

When is the undertaker fighting the great khali?

in 600,000,000,000,000,000,,0000,00,00,0,00,00,00, years

Who was the first person to defeat the undertaker?

The Great Khali was the first person to pin the undertaker without cheating. He did this at Judgement Day 2006

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In modern wrestling I think John Cena, The Rock or Randy Orton is the most popular wrestler. But Triple H, Undertaker and Edge are also loved by the WWE Universe. In whole WWE history I have to say Hulk Hogan, with Stone Cold as a great second. Personally I think Shawn Michaels is the best wrestler ever. He will be inducted to Hall of Fame April 2, the day before WrestleMania 27, and I'm definitely going to watch that :)

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the undertaker is stronger than triple h becuz he can lift up the big show and the great khali

How many more years will the underttaker continue to wrestle on WWE?

Mean Mark/ The undertaker had dominated wrestling for 15 years he is still young and in great shape look at Flair still Woooooooooping it up at his age. The undertaker has many years left to bury his opponents unless he's put out with an injury would be the only way to stop the unstoppable and you can't kill whats already dead..