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What is the nicest mobile?

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it is a i phone

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How do you spell nicest?


Is nicest a verb?

No. Nicest is an adjective.

What are the nicest T Mobile mobile phones?

The latest T-Mobile phones include the myTouch which is 4G capable and has video chat, Samsung Dart which is 3G capable and comes with apps, and the LG Optimus T with voice actions and comes with apps.

What is the nicest island in the Caribbean?

The nicest Island is St.Lucia

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Mew is the nicest pokemon

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Enya is the nicest girls name.

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the nicest fantasy character is Pegasis

Who is the nicest moshi member?

ibrahim_07 is the worlds nicest member

Who is the nicest tna diva?

brooke tessmacher is the nicest and the prettiest

What is the nicest dog in the world?

maltese puppies are the nicest dogs in the world

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The "nicest" vegetable on earth are probably potatoes

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They r pretty nice. but the nicest, Haligonians.

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Blueberry IceCream is the Nicest IceCream! ~Kyle S.

What is the comparative and superlative of nice?

comparative - nicer superlative - nicest

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There isn't really the nicest president 'cause everyone has their own opinion.

Is the white house is the nicest house in the world?

No, the nicest house in the world is the house you make.

What part of speech is the word nicest?

Nicest is an adjective. It's the superlative form of nice.

Is 'one of the nicest people' correct English?

Yes. You can say, for example: "Maria is one of the nicest people I know."

What is pengest?

the nicest

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Are you kidding me? They are probably the nicest of all bands.THEY ARE THE NICEST PEEPS EVER!

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he thinks the nicest thing about him is being a muslem.

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Well in my opinion Selena Gomez is the nicest...But she doesn't have to be yours

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