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What is the noise made by the sheep?

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Made a noise like a sheep?


What is the verb of the noise made by sheep?

bleat or bleating or baaing

Do sheep and goats make the same noise?

no, it is very similar though. Every goat and sheep is different,but the noise centers into a "goat sounding" or "sheep sounding" noise witch are similar.

What is the name of the noise made by the sheep?

Bleat or bleating which sound like baa baa bass.

What is the name of the cry made by sheep?

When a sheep makes noise its called Bleating. When a sheep bleats it sounds like Baaaaaa. When a goat bleats it sounds like Naaaaaa or Maaaaa depending on the breed.

Do sheep and goat both make the same noise?

Yes sheep and goat make the same noise because they are in the same animal group

What noise do sheep make when they baa?


What noise do sheep make?

Sheep make a "Bah" sound, it can also be referred to as a bleat.

Sheep is to bleat as snake is to?

Sheep do bleat and snake make a hissing noise.

What 5 letter word for sheep noise?


What noise does a sheep make with 3 letters?


What is 6 letter word for sheep noise?

Bleats, Baahhh.

What noise does a goat?

What noise does a goat make? Well, maa. It sounds sort of like a sheep, but less deep.

What does bleat mean?

The word bleat is the noise a goat or a sheep makes. like a dog barks, goats and sheep bleat.

What is a clay sheep?

A clay sheep is a sheep made out of clay

Are noisy sheep hungry?

Not necessary. If a sheep makes noise, it could be in pain, agitated, scarer, or just generally hungry x

Do goats make the same noise as sheep?

Yes, but it really depends on what you think

Can leather come from sheep?

Leather can be made from sheep

The noise made by rooks is called?

the noise made by a rook is a caw by raehan

What is the noise made by tigers called?

the noise made by tigers are called growls

Are wool blankets made from sheep?

yes they are... from the wool on the sheep

What is the noise made by a car called?

noise pollution

What are sheep made out of?

they are made out of wool and mutton.

When slaughtered does a sheep and goat make the same noise?

Well generally sheep "baa" and goats "maa", however at slaughter time I am sure that they are both saying "Get me out of here".

Do not make a noise convert in to passive voice?

you are forbidden to make a noise

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