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If the sound is like a loud screeching. That comes on and off. Then one of your belts is rubbing and might be damaged. So i suggest that you inspect them.

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Q: What is the noise you hear like the belt is loose?
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When you press on the gas your car makes a loud squeaky noise?

Sounds like a loose or worn belt

What would cause engine noise on 97 dodge caravan only when ac or defroster is on and only when accelerating?

Loose belt - will sound like a screeching noise.

Why is there a loud squealing noise from the engine during cold starts as well as accelerating?

Sounds like a loose or worn belt, alternator or fan tends to do that when they get worn or loose.

What is the whining noise in the engine compartment of a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

sounds like the alternator belt is loose, check it out and let me know.

1987 300d w124 - shrieking noise from passenger well. This carries on until the car is warm. What is it and how do you fix it Sounds like a squeaking fan.?

It is probably a belt noise. The belt is probably loose, have it tightened. If that does not fix it you can try some stuff called belt dressing, sold at auto parts stores.

What causes a humming noise when you accelerate The sound comes from the engine and is almost like a whinning sound. This sound is common because I often hear other cars making this noise?

It sounds like the fan belt is slipping. Try tightening up the fan belt, or try rubbing resin on the fan belt to give it more friction.

There is a strange noise after you start dodge neon in 17 degrees weather But once its warm if you turn the car off and start it again it doesn't make this noise What is the problem?

Sounds like a loose alternater belt.

What causes a what sounds like belt squeeling noise at high rpms when the car is accelerated quickly it also makes a loud boom noise sometimes to at the same time Then you lose like half power?

Belts squeak because they are loose. First fix that. The boom noise is the loose belt slapping around and hitting something. Losing power happens because the lose belt causes your generator to stop working. When the electricity goes off, it tells your computer, "Something is drastically wrong." The computer then slows down the engine.

Why would an automatic car make a short squeak noise while shifting between 3rd and 4th gears while accelerating hard?

This sounds like you have a loose or worn drive belt. Check all the belts and their tension.This sounds like you have a loose or worn drive belt. Check all the belts and their tension.

Car is making a funny noise its sounds like a chain noise?

Sounds like a loose timing chain.

What is the chirping noise in your Kia Sportage?

if it was like my 99, then a belt was worn out, and will cause a chirping noise, if it is in the engine compartment, it is very likely to be a belt

Why does your Saturn Ion 2003 make a loud noise when you start it?

iwhat does the noise sound like. most likely a worn belt or belt tensioner if its a high pitched squealing noise.

Peugeot 206 slight squealing noise when car is started on top of engine passenger side?

This sounds like a belt. Either it is loose or glazed over. Either have the belt adjusted or replaced, or you can try some belt dressing, commonly sold at auto parts stores.

Just had timing belt changed. Now car is making a whurring noise like the belt is scraping the belt cover. Could sound be caused by too tight or too loose timging belt?

The belt cover may have been installed incorrectly and either the belt or crank pulley could be hitting it, the belt may have been installed too tight or incorrectly also.

Why does your car screech when you turn it on or accelerate?

Sounds like a loose accessory belt or a bad belt tensioner.

How do you distinguish what you hear is a tone or a noise?

Tones are constant single note sounds, like eeeeeeeeeee. Noise is like running water kshhhhhhhh

Why does my 1999 kia sephia make a squalling noise when I start it or turn on my ac?

AnswerSounds like a loose or worn accessory drive belt. there are two belts, check the one going to the a/c compressor, you should be able to turn the belt about half way around, if it's too loose or tight, adjust it, if that doesn't work, replace the belt.

1987 Nissan Pathfinder power steer pulley slows down it's revs and belt squeals when turning Is it the belt or the pump?

This sounds like a classic case of the belt tension being incorrect. The pump is loaded when turning to full lock in either direction and causes the belt to slip when to loose. Adjust the belt and the noise should go away. If it is excessively worn it may pay to replace the belt.

What causes a noise under the hood when the air conditioning is on in the car?

I'm not a mechanic but these are the culprits that I've experienced: 1. If you turn off the AC and there is no more noise then: a. Your compressor belt may be loose. Check the tension of the belt near the AC compressor. If the belt seems loose a +/- 1/2 inch give then it's too loose. If the Belt is so tight you cant move it an 1/8th inch, too tight.. could damage pulley. b. The Compressor pulley might be bad. Have a mechanic check it. Compressor parts can go bad and they work hard in extreme hot states like Texas. If it's not a belt, I'd pay to have the compressor checked. If you dont then live with the sound and when the pulley dies, deal with it? :)

Why does a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee chirp when steping on the gas pedal?

sounds like a loose belt, glaze belt

What is the town tune in Animal Crossing City Folk?

The town tune is the noise you hear when you talk to someone or the noise you hear when it's been an hour. If you don't like it then you can change it in the town hall.

When turning you hear a squeeky noise on the front end what is that?

check on and see if the front end has a recall problem. I own a 2001 LS and is currently experiencing the same problem. Does it sounds like loose bolts?

Recently whenever I go over a bump I hear a noise as if something is loose coming from the front passenger side of a 1995 Volvo 850 sedan.?

Check your anti sway bar linkage. There are small ball joints on either end and they will wear out making a noise like you are describing.

What could it be if the car started off making a rattling noise and now squeals like a belt is going?

Bad belt tensioner idler wheel, and serpentine belt.

What does a bad timing belt sound like?

When a timing belt is going bad it can make a high-pitched screeching sound. It can sound like a high-pitch whirring noise. Not all timing belts make a noise when they are worn or going bad.