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120/80 is the normal blood pressure for all human beings. It is the ideal state. Your body undergoes different blood pressure reading at different times of the day. In a normal state, your blood pressure has to be 120/80. If it is consistently 130/90 or more, then its better to see a doctor. Typically with our current lifestyle, after the age of 30, your body undergoes a lot of change basically ageing. Its important to keep a check on your BP after the age of 30. Women, typically, have low blood pressure readings when they are of menstruating age. Anything below 100/70 is low blood pressure. If you are feeling weak with low BP then its a cause of concern but typically low blood pressure is ok for a healthy human being. It is a major concern if you are bed ridden and have low BP.

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Q: What is the normal blood pressure of healthy human?
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