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It depends on what the engine manufacture has preset. Normally this would be from 210 to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is set by the size of the radiator, pressure cap psi, flow of the water pump, and when the cooling fan comes on.

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Q: What is the normal coolant temp on a 94 camaro while it is in operation?
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What happens if engine coolant is put in while the car is off?

After coolant is added run vehicle to normal operating temperature and re-check coolant level

Are the parking lights supposed to stay on while driving in daytime on 2002 Camaro convertible and is this normal?

yes and yes

What is the optimal coolant temperature while driving 2007 dodge charger hemi?

Normal range is 190-220 F

Whats Average coolant temperature in a 97 grand prix?

About 185 or less while driving in normal conditions while sitting in traffic could range up to 220 210

Are the PHWR and PWR are same?

They are the same in that they don't allow reactor coolant water boiling in the primary water coolant loop. They are different in that in PHWR the moderator is heavy water while in PWR the moderator is normal light water.

Why is coolant coming out of the reservoir while driving a Camaro?

There could be several answers to that question. The thermostat could be stuck closed. The reservior could be overfilled. The cooling fan may not be working. The radiator could be stopped up.

Is it normal for water to come from my exhaust on my 1998 blazer while it is running?

Yes, a certain amount of water (not coolant) will drip out the tail pipe from the process of condensation.

Which is faster Camaro ss or mustang saleen?

Believe Saleen as it has been modified while Camaro SS is a stock Vehicle

What is the power heat button in Toyota hilux?

This switch turns on an electric element inside the heater box so that you can warm your toes and defog the windscreen while the coolant temperature is rising in the engine. The idle speed does increase while the coolant is cold to compensate for the 25 amps or so that the element draws from the battery. As the coolant temp increases the element will switch off and the idle speed will go back to normal.

Why would the temperature gauge on a 1998 Chevy Venture read normal or higher when idling or driving below 40kms but immediately drop to no reading at all when driving 40kms or more?

Check your electric fan operation and coolant level. If the fan is not working, temp will increase at idle and will decrease when air moves across the radiator while moving.

How do you change a freeze plug on a 1993 camaro from the transmission side because I cannot pull the engine?

the best thing to do is to pull out the engine and replace them all with brass freeze plugs because if on fails it will only be a while before you have more, and use antifreeze coolant

What do different colors of coolant mean?

Different colors of coolant distinguish specific types and their composition. Standard neon green coolant is made of ethylene glycol, while orange coolant uses Dexcool.

What to do when coolant light comes on?

If your asking this question its probably a good idea that you bring it into the shop to have the levels checked. DO NOT try to check your own coolant when the engine is still hot, this will send coolant bursting into the air. This is if you have any lol. Check your cars temperature gauge while your drive, if its starts getting warmer than normal then you need a cooland change.

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2001 Chevy blazer 4 door water comes out tailpipe?

A little drip that comes out for a while after you start is pretty normal, its just condensation especially if you are not loosing coolant. But a constant flow together with a loss of coolant in the radiator means you have a bad head gasket and it needs to be repaired asap.

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