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Q: What is the normal gauge pressure for a 30' round above ground pool?
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What is the difference between normal pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge indicates actual pressure and a differential pressure gauge indicates the difference in pressure.

What does a compound pressure gauge measure in?

The Compound Gauge measures above and below atmospheric pressure (in psig and inches of mercury).

What is vacuum gauge pressure?

Gauge pressure usually refers to the pressure difference between ambient, atmospheric pressure and the pressure in a vessel or line. A gauge pressure of zero would mean that the vessel or line was at atmospheric pressure. Normally the pressures of interest are ABOVE atmospheric so the gauge pressure is positive. Vacuum gauge pressure measures how far BELOW atmospheric pressure a vessel or line is. As such vacuum gauge pressure may be measured as a negative number - or for convenience it may be reported as a positive number with the caveat that it is "vacuum gauge pressure", meaning that the reported pressure is how far atmospheric pressure is above the pressure in the vessel or line.

Why is the oil gauge in your 1991 Pontiac le sunbird always at its peek?

Check with manual gauge - if pressure normal - could be defevtive oil pressure sensor or gauge

Low oil but your oil pressure gauge indicates normal pressure?

Oil level and oil pressure are different. You don't need to have full oil to get normal pressure.

What does absolute pressure include that gauge pressure does not?

abosulute pressure includes the atmospheric pressure while gage pressure gives the pressure above atmospheric pressure

What should you do if you have an above-ground pool with a sand filter and the pressure gauge is only reading at 5 but you changed the sand in the filter and it still won't raise the pressure?

You may need a new pressure gauge. They are inexpensive and can be found at any place that sells pool products. OR That may be all that you are going to get out of the system you have.

Why must the rain gauge be at least 15-18 or 30 centimeters above the ground?

To avoid false readings due to rainwater running into the gauge from the surrounding ground.

Why pressure gauge is called a gauge not a meter?

Because Pressure gauge measures the the differenceof pressure so it is called pressure gauge not meter.

What pressure does the bourdon gauge measure?

The Bourdon gauge indicates Gauge pressure, not absolute pressure.

What causes the oil pressure gage to show 100 and above on a big truck?

High oil pressure or a faulty oil pressure gauge.

A Bourdon tube is often found in a?

Manometer or pressure gauge.

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