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I have a 1974 Chevy truck with the 350 V8 and the engine is in good shape. At idle the oil pressure is 35-40 PSI, at driving speed it goes up to about 50 PSI. Hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-22 17:19:18
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Q: What is the normal oil pressure on a 1977 Chevy 350 truck engine?
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what is the normal oil pressure on 2007 4.8 Chevy truck?

You need 10psi for every 1000 rpms Thatโ€™s perfectly fine oil pressure

What is the torque pressure of 1993 Chevy truck?

That depends on what engine it has.

Normal oil pressure 454 ss Chevy truck?

I think around 40-60 psi maybe lower if engine has been running awhile!

Where is oil pressure switch on 2008 Chevy sierra truck?

Need engine size.

How high should pressure go be for kicking out on 1998 Chevy truck?

Engine oil pressure, cooling system pressure, ac pressure, fuel pressure?

Where is the oil pressure sender on a 1983 Chevy S10 truck 2.8 liter engine?

Right by your oil filter

Will a 2004 5.3 Chevy truck engine fit a 2000 5.3 Chevy truck?


What does fuel pressure regulator look like 74 Chevy truck?

The 1974 Chevy truck has a mechanical fuel pump with a built in pressure regulator.

Where is the location of the oil pressure switch on a 5.7 ck Chevy truck?

It is behind the distributor on the engine block. Not easy to get to, but it can be done.

Why does your 2002 Chevy truck S-10 engine light keep coming on?

maybe you have low oil pressure?

Where is oil pressure switch on a 1993 1500 Chevy truck?

It is screewed into the top of the engine block right behind the distributor.

What is the normal oil pressure for an auto car garbage truck?

40 - 80 psi at idle, depending on what the engine is.

Fuel pressure for 1989 Chevy truck?


Why is your engine light on for 1988 Chevy truck?

There is something not right with the engine.

Location of crankshaft sensor for a 1992 chevy 1500 truck 4.3 engine?

The crankshaft sensor is located in the engine on a Chevy 1500 truck. This is under the hood.

What does a fuel pressure regulator do on a Chevy truck?

It controls / regulates the fuel pressure.

What is normal oil pressure for a 1995 Chevy 1500 pick up truck?

In most automotive engines, aprox 10 lbs of oil pressure per 1000 rpms.

Is 454 Big Block a Chevy Truck Engine?

There is such a thing as a 454 truck engine, also 454 passenger car engine.

What is correct oil pressure on 1990 Chevy truck?

Advertised engine oil pressure is: 1000 RPMs----6 LBS or more 2000 RPMs-----18 LBS. are higher

What is the firing order Chevy 1990 truck?

Which engine?

Can you install a 86 Chevy motor into a 94 Chevy truck?

Yes it will fit but here's the problem. The transmission in the 94 is computer / electronic controlled and it must have all the engine sensors that the 94 engine has to shift right. You would also have to install a fuel pressure regulator to lower the fuel pressure. The 86 engine is NOT a computer controlled engine. You need to install a 1988 through 1995 engine in that truck so you won't have any problems. Then you will be done with it.

What is the sensor above the 350 engine oil pan and starter on your 1990 Chevy c1500 truck?

oil pressure switch or knock sensor

Can a Chevy truck with a 5.7 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre-ignition?

can a chevy truck with a 350 engine with a tbi cause detonation and pre- ignition?

Why wont the 350 transmission from a 1979 Chevy truck with a 305 engine fit a 1981 Chevy truck with a 305 engine?

Who said it won't ? It will fit right in there with NO problems

Can a Chevy 350 marine engine be used in a Chevy car or truck?

No, it would not be able to handle engine braking.