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Pressure can vary greatly from one system to another. It's best to record pressure immediately after cleaning the filters. This will be your base pressure. When the pressure rises 10-15 psi above the base rate, it is time to clean the filters.

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What is a normal operating pressure for a jacuzzi sand filter for an above ground pool?"

No, the system is only checked at normal operating pressure.No, the system is only checked at normal operating pressure.

There can be several causes but as a starting point check the pressure gauge. These are inexpensive and they do fail after a while. Just replace it with a new one and see if the pressure readings return to normal. IF they do it was the gauge. If they don't then check for channeling in a sand filter, a ripped or damaged or improperly seated cartridge in a cartridge filter, and worn or torn grids or damaged fingers in a DE filter. IF it was not the gauge then you now have a backup gauge for when it does fail (and it will!)

Normal pressure is between 14-16 psi. when the filter is clean.

If you have a sand or DE filter the setting is filter in the case of cartridge filters it is filter as always unless there are other settings for your particular setup.

top left side of engine. it is under a black plastic cap. You will have to unscrew the cap to get to the filter. It is a cartridge filter not a normal oil filter, you change it from the top of the engine

The oil filter is a cartridge type filter which is accessed from above the engine, not the bottom as is normal with US cars. There is a black plastic cap about 3" in diameter on the drivers side of the engine, just behind the radiator hose. Unscrew the oid drain plug and drain oil from below. Then from the top side you can unscrew the oil filter cap, pull out the old cartridge, and drop in a new cartridge filter element.

Normal operating fuel pressure is between 60 to 66psi. If it less than that, or cannot maintain that amount, check for a clogged fuel filter first. If the filter can be blown through freely then your problem is a little harder. It may be the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel pump itself. The pump is located in the tank and is available as a modular unit.

Around 30-40 psi at full operating temperature.

The minimum engine oil pressure at operating temperature is 15psi. You should see more than a 25psi when you operate at elevated RPMs.

Running at operating temperature around 40 psi.

Around 20-35 lbs running at full operating temperture.

The oil gets thinner. It is normal for the oil pressure to drop after the engine has reached full operating temperature. If you have from 30-40 psi pressure when the engine is hot then that is normal.

A full operating temperature it will be around 40 psi.

There is no such thing as a "normal" operating system.

When the engine is cold it will have a higher oil pressure than when it is at full operating temperature. The normal pressure also varies from one make & model vehicle to another. A Ford may not have the same pressure as a Toyota. 40 psi is about normal for most engines.

It is normal for the oil pressure to be high when the engine is first started and is cold. It should settle at around 40 psi once the engine reaches full operating temperature. If it does not, then change the oil and filter and make sure you are using the correct weight oil, which is more than likely 5w30. Use a good oil filter such as Purolator, Wix, or Motorcraft in your Ford. Make sure to use the correct size filter. If none of this helps, then have an oil pressure test run, as your oil pressure gage may be wrong.

Most ATV tires tell you how much air should be in the tires. Look on the side wall to determine the maximum operating air pressure. Most are normally rated for 5 lbs normal operating pressure.

It is normal for the pressure to drop. It depends what you mean by "very low". Check the oil level and the condition of the oil and filter. The oil and filter may need changing.

the normal operating temperature for cars is around 190 degrees.

6 psi when it is at normal operating temp. seems wierd but its spec.

If your car stalls when it reaches normal operating temperature, you might have a problem with your distributor coil. You could also have an issue with the fuel filter since you ran out of gas recently.

The lower the pressure the less work the filter is doing, 7 to 10 psi is a good pressure. Another tip would be to put your hand by the outlet where the water goes back into the pool if the water pushes your hand away you have good pressure also take a pressure reading at the filter, if you put your hand at the outlet and the water does not push your hand away take a pressure reading, backwash the filter, put your hand at the outlet again if it pushes it away go back to the filter look at the gauge and see what it reads now, and that would be your suggested low pressure for your filter.

what is normal blood pressure

You measured this? There should be a gauge on your sand filter that shows how much pressure is present. This is measuring how much pessure is needed to force your pool water through a layer of debris and a big pile of sand. For a clean filter, about 15 pounds, or PSI, is normal. This means at least 15 pounds of pressure is halted at the filter. If you want to see the readings without sand, put your filter on recirculate and measure again. You should see a gain in pressure of whatever the filter gauge read when "filter" was selected.

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