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4300 to 10800 per cubic milliliter

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What is the normal range of WBC urine?

A WBC count is measured in a urinesediment, the normal range is 5-10 per field of vision (400x) in 10-20 μl urine.

What is the normal range for wbc?

normal range of wbcs 4000-11000/cumm. however it varies due to age.

What is the normal wbc range?

Ranging from 7 and 21 micrometres in diameter.

What is the normal range of white blood cells?

For white blood cells (WBC), the normal range levels can be between 4,500 and 10,000 per microliter. A low WBC also is called leukopenia. and it can be caused by different medical conditions.

Normal range of wbc?

The normal range of the white blood count should be between 4,500 and 10,000. If you have a high or low number, your doctor may request further tests to determine why.

What is the normal range of hemoglobin for children between 2 and 5 years?

What is the range of rbc & wbc for children between 2 to 5 years

Is 15 high for a wbc?

if it is 15,000/cumm then t is high because normal range is 4000-11000/cumm.

What does a wbc of 27000 mean?

it's very high. normal levels (in adults) range from 4,300 - 10,800 (or 4.3 - 10.8)

Is wbc 1-2 hpf in urine normal?

wbc: 1-2

Is wbc 1 2 hpf in urine normal?


Your child's wbc level is 2.3 is that normal?


What does a white blood count of 12.8 mean?

WBC count has a normal range which is different from hospital to hospital, but are similar from place to place. A normal WBC count out of the Hematology text book I own is 4.5-11.5. Some people run a little high naturally, other causes of an increased WBC count would be things like infection and in extreme cases leukemia.

What is the meaning of wbc morphology is unremarkable?

Unremarkable in medical terms means normal. If WBC morphology was unremarkable, that means the shape of the white blood cells was normal.

What can you do if wbc count is 12500?

Normal WBC count is 4 to 11000. This count is high indicating infection So repeat the WBC count after one week

What is the normal wbc count expected in a human body?

normal range (95% of people) is 4,500 - 10,000 WBC / μL (μL = microliter)6,000 WBC / μL is a good meana range of 11,000 to 17,000 / μL may be considered mild to moderate leukocytosisa range of 3,000 to 5,000 / μL may be considered mild leukopenia1 μl = one-millionth (10−6) part of a liter, or one-thousandth (10−3) of a milliliter; abbreviated μl or μL

What is the normal Wbc count in infants?

50% of their blood.

Normal values of WBC?

4850/cu mm

What is the normal rate count of WBC?


What are normal levels of WBC in urinalysis?


What does 11.1 wbc mean?

A white blood count (WBC) of 11.1 is generally considered high normal. However, it all depends on the laboratories reference range. If 11.1 is high for the labs range, then it means there is a non-specific inflammatory reaction going on in the body (note: inflammation, not necessarily infection, but it is still a possibility).

What does it mean when you have a high white blood cell count when pregnant?

All females with pregnancy should be followed by a OB-GYN physician at all times. The physician is in the best position to evaluate the pregnancy and all associated lab work. An elevation in the white blood cell (WBC) count is actually a normal and common occurrence during pregnancy. The WBC peaks in the third trimester in the 12-18,000 range. There is another peak during labor, sometimes up to the 25,000 range. Despite the normal increase in WBC count, there are other causes of elevated WBC counts which a physician can better assess.

What does it mean when you have a low white blood cell count?

When the WBC count falls below the normal range, it is usually an indication of an underlying disease. The symptoms depend on the underlying-cause. Some people experience a fall in their WBC count and experience no symptoms. However, for most people, leucopenia causes a range of symptoms, as if you have insufficient WBC to fight diseases, your body will be susceptible to a range of infections, skin problems, viruses, fever, gastro-intestinal problems etc.

Is 4.5 wbc count normal for a 4 yr old boy?

4 is normal

What is The range of RBC to WBC in the human body?

1 : 500

What does it mean if your wbc 4.6 and your rdwsd 14.6?

both are normal

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