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What is the normal water temperature on a 318 v8?


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2008-12-25 14:10:46
2008-12-25 14:10:46

190 deg f


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No, that's the engine name and it's displacement (LA 318 V8). An '87 dodge ram with a 318 V8 has 140hp.

5.2 liters is the 318 cubic inch V8

Early LA 318 V8= 140hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 318 V8= 140-150hp Late (2nd Gen Ram)Magnum 318 V8= 220-230hp Early LA 360 V8= appox. 155hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 360 V8= 170-190hp Late Magnum (2nd Gen Ram)360 V8= 230hp

A Chrysler Corp. Engine. It's The LA Block, 318 cu. inch V8, usually a 5.2L and around 140hp-220hp, depending on the year/ modifications. 318 is the engines displacement. If you are looking for more info, check out, and search '318 V8'

The 1965 Plymouth Barracuda did not have a 318 V8. Engine options consisted of a 225 slant six with 145 hp, a 273 V8 with 180 hp and a 273 V8 with 235 hp. Chrysler did not build the 318 until 1967.

Most likely a 5.9L V8 (360 cu in).Could be a 5.2L (318)Most likely a 5.9L V8 (360 cu in).Could be a 5.2L (318)

225 slant 6, 318 v8, and a 340 v8.

It is the little conecter next to the thermostat housing, (upper rad hose area)

Depends on the year and car it was installed in.

The towing capacity for a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 318 V8 is 9,150 pounds. The amount can vary slightly for each vehicle.

It will fit but the manifolds will need changed to match.

5 to 5.5 quarts, varies on year.

318 was the V-8 they offered in Dakota.

maximum water temp. for all engines is approx. 90 c

The 1996 Mercury Gran Marquis does not have a 318 V8. It has a 281 V8 (4.6 Liter). 318 is a Chrysler engine. O2 sensors are located screwed into the exhaust system. Start at the exhaust manifold and go backward and you will find them. The cost varies from site to site. Ask you local Auto Parts store for a price quote.

If it's an automatic, dextron II.

Either a 225 Slant 6, 318 or 360 V8

It all depends on the rating of your thermostat which is usually 180 to 195 degrees if using a aftermarket temperature gauge and headers the temp. gauge reading will be higher than normal because of the excessive heat from the headers.

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