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190 deg f

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Q: What is the normal water temperature on a 318 v8?
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87 dodge 318 hp?

No, that's the engine name and it's displacement (LA 318 V8). An '87 dodge ram with a 318 V8 has 140hp.

How many liters does a 318 Engine have?

5.2 liters is the 318 cubic inch V8

Where is the temperature gauge sending unit located on a 1994 ram 1500 V8 318?

The sensor is right behind the thermostat housing.

What is the difference between a Dodge 318 and a Dodge 360 engine in reference to horsepower?

Early LA 318 V8= 140hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 318 V8= 140-150hp Late (2nd Gen Ram)Magnum 318 V8= 220-230hp Early LA 360 V8= appox. 155hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 360 V8= 170-190hp Late Magnum (2nd Gen Ram)360 V8= 230hp

318 means what?

A Chrysler Corp. Engine. It's The LA Block, 318 cu. inch V8, usually a 5.2L and around 140hp-220hp, depending on the year/ modifications. 318 is the engines displacement. If you are looking for more info, check out, and search '318 V8'

What engine is in a 1500 power ram 1996 slt?

Most likely a 5.9L V8 (360 cu in).Could be a 5.2L (318)Most likely a 5.9L V8 (360 cu in).Could be a 5.2L (318)

What horse power came with a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 318?

The 1965 Plymouth Barracuda did not have a 318 V8. Engine options consisted of a 225 slant six with 145 hp, a 273 V8 with 180 hp and a 273 V8 with 235 hp. Chrysler did not build the 318 until 1967.

What engine came in the 1972 dodge dart?

225 slant 6, 318 v8, and a 340 v8.

Where is the water temp sender on a 1993 318 V8?

It is the little conecter next to the thermostat housing, (upper rad hose area)

Is a 318 a V6?

Nope, it's a bulletproof V8, but the Chrysler Corp. did make a 3.9L V6 in the late 80's which was basically a 318 V8 with 2 cylinders chopped off.

How much horsepower does a dodge D150 with a 318 V8 have?


What is the horsepower for a 318 V8 engine?

Depends on the year and car it was installed in.

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