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What is the normal weight for a 16 year old female?

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It depends significantly on height and build.

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a normal weight for a 28 year old female i would have to say 9-10 stone is a healthy weight

I need to know what is the normal weight for a 58 year old woman. Who is 5ft

The average height for a 18 year old female is about 5"5 and the average weight is between 115-135lbs.

That depends on your weight and height.


It is slighty overweight. A normal weight for a female of 5'2 is 105-125 pounds.

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normal cholesterol for 51yr old female weight 110lbs


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Absolutely, if the the 17 year old is at the proper height there's nothing wrong.

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A 14 year old female may have the weight of around 35 to 40kgs

Ideal weight for a 19-year old female is 105-115

The normal weight of a 10 year old female is supposed to be ranging from 80-90 pounds i think! I hope i helped you and your child!

whats the ideal weight for a 45 year old female who is 5'8"

There is no such thing as 'normal' it depends on your parents height. There is an average, and 'normal weight for height'.

There is no 'normal' weight for a 40-year-old female (or a woman of any age). Weight is related to height and body composition rather than age. What counts more than your weight is your percentage of body fat. For more information, see the page link, listed under Related Questions.

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The normal weight is 120 or 130

The normal weight for a five year old is about 18-19kg.

Well Im 5'9 11 Year Old Male. 181 For Me. If you ask me five foot nine inches is Not normal for an 11 year old female or male, I am five foot, 11 years old, female and i weigh 108 pounds

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